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The industrial revolution.

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jumana khafagi

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of The industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution.
A positive effect of the industrial revolution was that Urbanization was created. Urbanization consists of a city being built and the movement of people to the cities. It increased population and also increased employment and income to families. Another positive effect of the industrial revolution was that the government put financial support towards education. They thought that education was a very important part of getting a job so with this more kids would get a education and soon find a job easier, and it wouldn't consist of them working in a factory.

A negative effect of the industrial revolution was that child labor was created. Yes it did speed up production but it also took away jobs for other people. And kids would receive no education and little breaks.And another negative effect of the industrial revolution is that it created jobs in the coal mines. This was bad because it killed the environment. And it put the workers in danger of drowning and dying from poisonous gas. The dirty air would slowly work away at their lungs. And it had little pay.

first time's a charm
The industrial revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes through companies. This mainly started happening in 1760 until 1820-1840. This took place in the United States of America and Britain and then began to spread through out the whole world.

First come first serve
key people
There are many key figures who have supported the industrial revolution immensely, but if we could signify three of all that have helped the most they would be: John Kay, Richard Arkwright also George Stephenson. This is because John invented the flying shuttle, Richard had invented the water frame and last but not least George invented the first steam powered locomotive.
This transition included change like machinery.It meant going from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing , iron production processes and more efficient water power as well as more use of steam work.
The flying shuttle machine
A water frame machine
A steam powered locomotive
Quiz time
what mainly happened during the industrial revolution?
when did it start and end?
what did John Kay invent?
who invented a steam powered locomotive?
what is one pro?
what is one con?
Thank you for listening
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