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King Ranch!

No description

desteny martinez

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of King Ranch!

developed grasses
Mineral supplements
New breeds of cattle
They have oil and grass royalties.
King Ranch
Driving Question?

How did Richard King, and later the King family, impact the development of agriculture, science and the people of South Texas?
Part 2~ Advances in the field of ranching
Part 1!
* How did Richard King get interested in ranching?
For income they had a big expansion in agriculture, energy, and real estate. And also had expanded retail operations like for example they had purchased property in Kentucky, Mississippi, west Texas, and other various places.

King Ranch!
Picture of Richard King
By: Desteny,Perla,Lydia,Haseeb
* His friend told him that land and livestock had a way of increasing in value.
1. Up breeding
2. Mechanized brush control
3. Better Corrals
4. Modern game management
5. techniques to clears mesquite brush
6.Cattle dipping vets to battle hicks

They have a few of the same cattle breeds.
The horse breeds.
What did he do before buying land for his ranch?
He worked a lot as a steamboat captain.
What did he do to help people in the area of Ranch?
He founded a steamboat line.
Who ran the King Ranch After his death?
His Wife- Henrietta King
His daughter- Alice Gertruais King
And His daughter's husband- Robert Justus Keberg
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