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Cricket Fighting

Period 5/6

Rebecca Thompsonr

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cricket Fighting

Cricket Fighting
By: Rebecca Thompson Cricket Fighting has a 2000 year history During the Tang Dynasty people
kept crickets in cages in their
homes to listen to them sing. It is known that keeping
crickets or any insects
started with the emperors. a cricket fighting club Some cricket fighters sit
out in fields all day waiting for the right cricket! Some good qualities to
find in a good fighting
cricket are a big body,
a big jaw, and a black face. Some ways that Cricket Fighting culture has been passed down are: poems, essays and even orally. Here is a traditional cricket fight. A cricket needs to be
raised very carefully.
They are normally fed
corn flour, wheat flour,
and apple pieces. A 2 centimeter long cricket sold for 8,000 yuan (U.S. $967)!! In Shanghai there are 20 cricket
markets. There are also more in
other Chinese cities. Crickets live underground; and in their maturity,
they mate. If two male crickets meet in the same
place, they fight. Here are two men searching for the
right cricket at a cricket market. Creating a Cricket Fighting Day If i could start a day for cricket fighting,
I would make it in the spring or summer when crickets are mostly out at night so more people could catch and find crickets and participate in the day. People could celebrate this day at their own homes or they could come to the traditional cricket fighting competition, in Shanghei China, that would last all day.This day would bring many Chinese people together and it would help them celebrate a great chinese culture!
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