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Math About Me

I'm going to describe myself using math

kristian tiholov

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Math About Me

Kristian Tiholov
Homeroom: 602 I had 1(one) hamster
named Wuzzy.
He was 3(three) years old. I am eleven(11)(10+1) years old.
I will be 12(twelve)(10+2) years old on February third, two-thousand thirteen. I live on 3171 Golden Orchard Dr.
Mississauga Ontario My Phone number starts with
the numbers 905(900+5)
(Nine hundred five) My address is 3171 (three thousand one hundred seventy one)(3000+100+70+1) Golden Orchard Drive Mississauga Ontario The population of the city where I was born is 235,288(two hundred thirty five thousand two hundred eighty eight)(200,000+30,000+5000+200+80+8) The population of Toronto, where I lived before is 2,600,000(two million six hundred thousand)(2,000,000+600,000). Every week I walk 12,550
(twelve thousand five hundred fifty)(10,000+2000
+500+50)meters to school I have lived about 346,899,600(three hundred forty six million eight hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred)(300,000,000+40,000,000+6,000,000+800,000+90,000+9,000+600)
seconds. The price of our house is approximately 53,525,500)(fifty three million five hundred twenty five thousand five hundred)(50,000,000+3,000,000+5000,000+20,000+5,000+500)Cents. Thanks 4(four)watching
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