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A day in a life of a CrossKnowledge enabled company

Watch how a social LMS can change the life of thousand of people, without the need of any administrators...

Bertrand Gorge

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of A day in a life of a CrossKnowledge enabled company

Delphine creates a
path for newcomers
Meet Delphine.
She is in charge of the Academy
Here's Frédéric.
He is a manager!
Xianxi, in Frédéric's team, needs training.
Francis, L&D
Fred asks Francis,
at L&D, to register Xianxi to Delphine's course...
Xianxi talks to Jérémy, one of his friend. He likes one of the content so much that he shares it by gtalk (he just pastes the URL)
Meanwhile, Steve and Bertrand have a discussion about customer support....
Steve evokes the Horovitz course
about the 4 types of customer support....
And Bertrand decides to post that on Yammer, so that the support can have a look....!
The next day, Jérémy shows the content at one of the project practices he organizes, and adds the link in the write-up email, as well as on the intranet
Nicolas sees the content, and "likes" it. His "like" appears on Yammer.
Nathalie sees the "like", and decides to have a look at the content...
She adds a comment to the content, mentioning Adélaide and Paul, who see the content as well and like it.
The same week, a large, blended training course is taking place.
Because it is strategic, a series of assessment
has been put in place so that motivation
remains "high"...!
But automatic assessment has been
ruled out: the topic is too complex (it's
all about management, behaviour and
leadership - MCQ are a bit too restrictive
for that...)
And you don't want a single trainer
to assess 1500 essays...
So they're using "Social assessment"...!
Each learners simply assesses the work of another learner. Correcting someone else's work is part of the assessment...
Thanks to this mechanism, an assessment has been added at every step of the training course, leading to 100% completion, and a "real" ownership of the topic by the learners...
While each of the learners of this training course was also becoming a
potential prescriber for each of his neighbor....
A day in a life of a CrossKnowledge enabled company
He also packages a few
office documents in a new
training course, dedicated to his practice...
During that time, Matthieu, a team leader, sees a poster in the kitchen, with QRTag. The poster intrigues him, so he gets his iPhone, and flashes it - he's registered to a new training course....
That's how we did it, the old way !!!
During this day...
Xianxi acquired 2 "endorsements" in complex problem solving and in management in complex situations
Jérémy acquired a "skill" in project management
Matthieu acquired a badge "Scout" for enrolling to the course "self-confidence" by himself
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