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Environmental Pollution

No description

kenyata thomas

on 23 June 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution SS7G10 The student will discuss
environmental issues across Southern
and Eastern Asia.
A:Describe the causes and effects of
pollution on the Yangtze and Ganges
Rivers. Did you know that six cities in China
(Beijing ,Shenyang ,Chongqing ,Shanghai ,
Xian and Guangzhou) were ranked the most
polluted cities in the world. Causes of air pollution Cars , trucks , jet airplanes and
most combustion vehicles. Factories , most office
buildings and homes. Hydrocarbons that are released
from petroleum refineries pollutes
the air. Effects of Air pollution Adults and children could possibly form
a chronic lung disease called Asthma. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
A disease that comes from the increase in the levels
of air pollution which causes it to spread quickly
throughout the body. just about 2.4 million people each year die from
almost all causes of air pollution Causes of water pollution Sewage and waste water Oil Pollution Industrial Waste Effects Of Water Pollution Many countries with water scarcity
have no choice but to drink polluted
water. Adults,children, and animals
could become deformed due
to water pollution. Diseases can be formed from water pollution
such as Jaundice,Typhoid,Cholera,and many others. Some people have to walk around with masks
on to avoid air pollution. Wait...
Did you know? Some power lines are not insulated
so they have very high voltage. Guess what? Power lines cause air pollution too!
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