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Wednesday Wars

No description

Hull Elementary

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars

Wednesday Wars
Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Genre: Fiction
Sub-genre: Realistic Fiction
Narrative Point Of View: First Person
Author's Purpose: To entertain the reader.

Wednesday Wars is about Holling Hoodhood going to a new school in seventh grade. Holling just wants to fit in and on top of that he thinks that his teacher hates his guts and is out to get him. Holling eventually Holling finds out that his teacher cares about him and is trying to help him.
Main Characters
The main characters are Holling Hoodhood, Mrs. Baker, Doug Switeck, Doug Switeck's brother, and Mr. Guareschi. Holling Hoodhood is in seventh grade at Camillo Junior High. He doesn't go to religious school during the middle of the day like all the rest of the kids in his class he has to sit in the classroom with Mrs. Baker and read Shakespeare with her. Mrs. Baker is Holling's teacher and she doesn't like that Holling doesn't go to religious school in the middle of the day like the rest of the kids. She doesn't like that he doesn't go to religious school because she has to keep him busy. Mrs. Baker used to give Holling jobs to do before they started reading Shakespeare.
Minor Characters
The minor characters in this book are Danny Humfer, Mai Thi and Meryl Lee. All the minor characters are in Holling's class. Meryl Lee and Danny Humfer were the two biggest threats to Holling when his class finds out that Holling got a cream puff from Mrs. Baker. Danny is Holling's best friend and Meryl Lee is one of Holling's other friends. Mai Thi is a girl from Vietnam and she is another one of Holling's friends.
Wednesday Wars takes place in 1967 in America. Wednesday Wars also takes place at Camillo Junior High in Mrs. Baker's classroom, the cafeteria and on the seventh grade playground. Another place the story takes place is at Holling's house. The bakery is also a setting in this story. This story takes place during the Vietnam War as well.
Main Events
One of the main events was when Holling let out Sycorax and Caliban (rats) out of their cage and they got in the walls of the school. Another main event is when Holling saves his sister from getting run over by a school bus and he gets hurt.
The conflict in this story is that Holling doesn't get along very well with Mrs. Baker and Holling thinks that Mrs. Baker is out to get him. His parents are no help because Hoodhood and Associates just got signed and all they can think about is their business. Holling's sister won't help him because she is to busy trying to protest against the Vietnam War.
Rising Actions
Reading Strategies
Some reading strategies I used were context clues to help me understand words that I didn't know what they meant. I also made inferences to to help make seance of things.
I would recommend this book to my friends because it is very humorous. The main character, Holling, probably has some of the same everyday problems as most of us do. I personally loved the book and I think that a lot of you would too.
About Gary D. Schmidt
Gary was born in 1957 in New York. He is currently working as a professor and author. He has won the Newberry Honor and the Printz Award. He has written 12 books with his first on being published in 1996. His twelfth book was published in 2012. Gary D. Schmidt is a wonderful author.
The theme of this story is learning to grow up because Holling is learning that the entire world doesn't revolve just around him. Holling learns that there are bigger problems than his everyday school problems with being not jewish or catholic like the rest of his class and letting rats out if their cage.
Megan Kowalski
Holling helps Mrs. Baker with bringing cream puffs up to the classroom and his classmates think that the cream puffs are for them and a few of them think that Holling is going to get one and they say that if he gets one he is going to get the entire class cream puffs too. Holling also gets hurt by trying to save his sister from getting hit by a school bus.
After Holling gets hurt after trying to save his sister Mrs. Baker helps him to the hospital in her car. Holling then realizes that since Mrs. Baker stayed at the hospital even after his parents arrived that Mrs. Baker actually cared about him and that she wasn't out to get him.
Falling Actions
In the falling actions of the book Holling's school was having Atomic Bomb Awareness Month. One of their teachers, Mrs. Sidman had announced it on the loud speaker but no one cared because every May it was Atomic Bomb Awareness Month.
Holling's class welcomed home the soldiers from Vietnam with boxes of strawberries. Also the class learned about Mr. Baker and how he was fighting in the Vietnam War. They also found out that he was not just Mr. Baker but that he was Lieutenant Baker. When Mrs. Baker saw Mr. Baker come off the plane she was super happy and Mr. Baker didn't even know that Mrs. Baker was gong to be there. In the end everyone was HAPPY!!
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