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Weather project

No description

Ally Choi

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Weather project

Turkey's Climate and Temperature Today's weather forecast for
Kayseri, Turkey will be
mostly cloudy throughout the
rest of the day with a high temperature of 69 degrees and low, 44 degrees. Tomorrow through Thursday will be partly cloudy ranging from 67 -68 degreees. Friday will be a mix of sun and clouds with a temperature of 66 degrees. Big and.... ... small In the weather in Kayseri, the appropriate clothing should be a not too heavy or light jacket. For the bottom, long pants would be teh most appropriate. Kayseri's average temperature every year would be around 25-30 degrees. Rainfall occurs on about 8 days every month Kayseri IS and inland city which means that it is surrounded by land, NOT water. There are barely any grassland due to the fact that it is surrounded by tourist attractions/places. Considering
Kayseri is an inland city,
the average temperatures would
not be as wet and cold as other places such as coastal cities. It affects the temperature and climate by usually having dry, less humid weather throughout every year. There is also almost no precipitation in the city.
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