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Supply and Demand

Kids version

rogelio Sanchez

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Supply and Demand

What is Supply? Supply is what your
parents say you
can't buy. In other words
all of the items in the store
that can be bought. What is Demand? Everybody Knows what demand is! Even
when your a crying, hungry, whining
little baby. You demand food and your
mother or father/ Guardian will feed
you. Demand is basically what we need to
live on. Output What happens when everything comes
together is that all the things we discussed
work together to form the law of supply and
demand. So for example, lets say you bought
a toy at Wal-Hut. In order for that toy that you
bought to be there in the first place , someone had
to order it. So put it in order, if you bought that toy
and another kid wants it well someone is going
to have to order another one of those toys from
the factory it was made in order for other people
to buy it. If no one buys it, then no order is
is placed to place another toy on the truck to
bring to wal-hut. Also people restock shelves of
shipping buildings. Out put is a simple thing , For example
your just sitting there and life is giving you
lemons. So you just take those lemons and
throw them in a lemonade machine that would
make lemonade and do the whole process,
squeeze, mix and serve. The output would be
the cup of lemonade. After you could just sell
to your hearts extent unless the 5'0 rolls by. Inputs Supply and Demand
3rd Graders By: Rogelio Sanchez This is a story about Jack and Jane who went on a ride with their parents to Wally Wurld. When the family arrived to the store they noticed many items were on sale!!! Which meant cheaper items. Jane and Jack roamed the store and came and before long they came across toys that were on sale!! Jack and Jane ran across the whole store looking for Mommy and daddy! Once Mommy and Daddy appeared in the book aisle .. Father was reading a boring looking book called "Supply and Demand for Nitwits" Jane and Jack were the least bit interested in what they were doing and started to beg for the toys on sale. Mom and Dad were very quick to say yes because the toys were on sale. Dad being a smart cookie began to lecture on why were getting the toys this time ....
" The reason you guys are getting these toy's is either because these toys are not made from the same stuff, meaning it is more durable material the factory just made too many. That's why they use the telzu. Which tells them what the store has sold, how many of that items, what color , what trends and fads are cool, the price of the item, how many to order onto the shipping truck for tomorrow, it can do it all .Lucky for us
here in America. What Causes Supply ? The answer is yourself! Without humans there would
be no demand for anything anywhere! Fun Fact: Any reason could be the reason
change in amount of supply, like
a hurricane blocking travel, a alien
invasion killing everybody,
someone not doing their job, or
because of a new trend. Facts about cost! Fixed cost : Variable cost: Total cost: Substitution
Effect What are inputs? Well lets
say that you are trying to open up your own lemonade stand. What do you need in order to start? You need equipment , sugar, and of course lemons! Now, all the things we listed are inputs of a business. So it is what you put in to start a business. Fixed cost is when an item or service cost the same price not matter how much of the item or service is being provided . For example to buy a house you need a lease. Almost like a leash just a bit different. $$$ $$$ Variable cost is how much money it cost you to run your lemonade stand or pay workers. Total cost is basically what all money you spend in total for the cost of the operation. For instance a car cost money to buy it. But also to use it. ( 5'0 is a reference
to the police)
A.K.A - The fuzz, 12, The boys in blue,
The law, La jura, Heat, PO, PO9, Popo,
Copper, La ley, Pig, Porkster, Roast beef,
Feds, Donut finders, Officer , Ociffer (drunk) . + = Substitution effect is
when an item becomes very
expensive and you have to
buy a item of lower price. Process
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