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Lewis and Clark

No description

amanda mccannon

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark

LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION May 20, 1804- September 23, 1806 Why Explore? water route to the Pacific explore uncharted west THE BEGINNING almost 4 dozen
other men 55 foot keelboat and
2 smaller pirogues Clark spent most of his time charting the course and map making
Lewis spent his time ashore and exploring rocks, plants, animals, and soils. Expectations....... woolly mammoths erupting volcanoes mountains of salt Troubles along the way...... Indians sleep....or lack there of
The Great Plains elk deer buffalo beaver Sioux Tribes Sacagawea and Family Lewis and Clark hired Toussaint Charbonneau, a French
fur trader to help interpret. Along with Charbonneau was his wife Sacagawea and their baby son Jean Baptiste They stayed with the expedition for the whole journey. The Rockies shallow rivers with
sharp rocks scarce food sources horses
starving 11 days men ate 3 colts got dried fish and
roots from the
Nez Perce SUCCESS!! Ocean in view!!!! thought the Columbia River was ocean. 20 miles from real Pacific winter on the Pacific Parting ways.... Lewis
Blackfoot Indians

Crow Indians Clark's group shot at what they thought was an elk but was actually Lewis. shot in the thigh
but not fatal After reuniting they said farewell to sacagawea and continued home. September 23 2 years, 4 months, 10 days 1,000 St. lOuisians met them with gunfire salutes and entusiasm ACTUAL FINDINGS......... 300 SPECIES UNKNOWN TO SCIENCE 50 INDIAN TRIBES THE ROCKIES PACIFIC OCEAN RIVERS
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