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America 1800-1809

No description

Anna Ostrander

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of America 1800-1809

Changes in Political Society
Marbury v. Madison (1803)
judicial review
- power of federal courts to void acts of Congress that are in conflict with the Constitution
played a key role in making Supreme Court a separate branch of government
Regional Economy
1806 - first federally funded national highway
1808 - anthracite coal first burned as fuel
1808 - John Jacob Astor starts American Fur Company
Foreign Affairs
The first Barbary War
Changes in the size, location, and composition of the population
America in 1800-1809
The Lewis and Clark exploration
Political & Economic Roles
Changing Political Boundaries
The Louisiana Purchase was 15 million dollars and nearly doubled the size of the United States (1803)
Meriwether Louis
William Clark
the embargo act (1807) banned trade with France and the United Kingdom because it raised prices for the United States
the non-intercourse act (1809) counteracted the embargo act and re-established trade with foreign countries
Tensions had been growing between the US and Tripoli for years.
Tripoli had increased their demands for payments. President Jefferson refused the demand and Tripoli declared war on the US.
The war lasted from 1801- 1805.
The Lewis and Clark expedition was the first trip from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
This expedition was used to establish a legal claim to the land and mapped details of the land not yet settled in.
Thomas Jefferson's secretary
a famous explorer and nature expert
"any river as far west as possible that drained into the Mississippi River"
Transportation was slow
Horse (& buggie), covered wagons, canoes, boats, steamboats (1807)
National Road (1806)
Communciation was slow
No postal service
Letters were difficult to send over long distances
International Slave Trade was banned in 1808
Corps of Discovery and National Road
Paper money experiments failed
The Creation of Political Parties
George Washington's warning
nothing in Constitution mentions political parties
Quickly divided into two factions
Jefferson (DR) becomes president (1801)
12th amendment (1804)- electoral college votes one president and vice president per party
Why Nothing's Getting Done in Congress
Democratic President
Parties are playing political games on one another
Parties can't agree
Congress Government shut down
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Main Question
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What events from 1800-
1809 can we still relate to today?
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