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eflex languages - ten steps to learning English

No description

Amanda Hewitt

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of eflex languages - ten steps to learning English

Each of our modules has been crafted
by experienced language trainers. The modules are user-friendly and follow a logical progression which really enables the learner to acquire the language they need to succeed in the international work place. Here are our ten steps to success. STEP 1 STARTER ACTIVITY
These activities introduce the themes of the module and give the user the opportunity to learn some of the vocabulary they will find later on. STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 STEP 6 STEP 7 STEP 8 STEP 9 STEP 10 COMPREHENSION
The target language for the module is presented to the learner in context through audio, video and written text. Questions check the user’s overall comprehension of the dialogue or article. FOCUS ON LANGUAGE
The learner does activities to identify the target language from the module through a series of varied and interactive exercises READ & LISTEN
By having the text available, the learner can validate their comprehension of the dialogue, check any new words in the integrated dictionary and match the written words to their correct pronunciation. STUDY
We believe that we should be helping the learner for the long-term. That’s why all our modules include printable worksheets which build into an invaluable resource which can be kept and referred to again and again; long after the subscription to eflex has come to an end. PRACTICE
Practice exercises enable the learner to reactivate the language they have acquired from the module through a range of diverse and interesting activities. LANGUAGE RECOGNITION
This exercise is designed to help the learner to identify the correct spoken form the target language from the lesson in a fun quiz-style way. PRONUNCIATION
Our pronunciation software allows learners to record examples of the language from the module in complete sentences and then compare their results to a native speaker saying the same sentence. SPEAKING ACTIVITIES
Now comes the time to start preparing role-plays and communication activities which enable the learner to put the language from the module into practice in a range of real and authentic situations CLASS WITH TEACHER
A qualified teacher works through a series of role-plays and speaking activities with the learner. These activities give valuable practice and build the confidence of the learner before facing the challenges of the real world. The learner receives written feedback after each lesson with new vocabulary, corrections and advice for future learning. For more information on eflex and how we can give you the language tools you need to succeed, contact us through our website www.eflexlanguages.com. And why not ‘like’ our free content and on facebook/eflexlanguages. Music: "See You Later" by Pitx (feat. Fireproof Babies, Bmccosar)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
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