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Dissolving Skittles

No description

Lauren Champlin

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Dissolving Skittles

Dissolving Skittles
1) Gather materials
2) Fill a cup with 1/4 cup of water
3) Fill a cup with 1/4 cup of vinegar

4) Fill a cup with 1/4 cup of club soda
5) Label the cups with the sharpie
6) Leave the cups in an area with a consistent temperature for a few hours

18 green skittles
18 plastic cups
Club Soda
1/4 measuring cup
Procedure cont.
7) Have a friend help you drop 3 Skittles and start the timer simultaneously
8) Watch the Skittles closely and mark down the times that the Skittles loose their color. (Record Data)

9) Once all the Skittles are done, reset the timer and get new cups.
10) Repeat steps 2-9 five more times.
11) Clean up and conclude experiment.
If I test how quickly the color will dissolve off a Skittle
To determine which liquid works the fastest,
Then I predict that club soda will dissolve the color off fastest.
My reason being that soda erodes teeth, so why not Skittles?
Which liquid (water, club soda, vinegar) will dissolve the color off a green Skittle the fastest?
Me pouring Club Soda into
the measuring cup
Me making sure that the Skittles weren't poisoned. :)
Me right before the first trial
Analyzing Data
My data shows that water dissolves the color off a Skittle the fastest at the time of 1:33. It beat vinegar by 21 seconds and club soda by 8 seconds.
The data is approximate because it is based on my perception of the color being dissolved.
Nonetheless, water was a clear winner.
Water is really good at dissolving things because of its chemical composition. It has both positive and negative charges so it attracts a lot of different molecules. When the water is really attracted, it disrupts the forces holding other molecules together.
The "S" floated right off one Skittle in the Club Soda!
In conclusion, water dissolves the color off a Skittle faster than vinegar or club soda.
Therefore, I reject my hypothesis; that club soda will dissolve the color off fastest because soda dissolves teeth so it will probably dissolve Skittles too.
Club soda averaged 1:41,
Water averaged 1:33,
Vinegar averaged 1:54.
Thus, water was the winner.
By Lauren Champlin
Random Bit of Coolness!
Manipulated Variable : Type of Liquid

Responding Variable: The time it takes the Color to Dissolve.

Controlled Variables: Temperature, Amount of Liquid, Container, Skittle Color... etc.
Me preparing the cups for my experiment
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