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Filling and Wrapping

(Composite Shapes, Nets, Surface Area & Volume of Prisms, Comparing Surface Area & Volume) In Honor of a 7th Gade Math Unit Project.

Hannah Johnson

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Filling and Wrapping

Filling Unit Activities
~All About Me Prisms
~Volume of a HoHo! ~Composite Shapes
~SA and V of prisms
~Comparing SA and V Concepts! Example Problems What is this
a net of? Answer: Cube What is
<--- this
a net of? #1 #2 Answer: Cylinder and Wrapping Rating of the unit I give this unit a 5! (1-5) I think it was awesome! It wasn't too hard and it was LOADS of fun. I can't wait for the new 7th graders to try it out! This unit can help you lots in the future! Figuring out the volume of things could be very useful in lots of different ways and could be used in lots of different jobs! How is this useful in the future? The unit can help you in lots of jobs. Such as making boxes for your new compony. How It Can Help In a Job http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcxO9UDT31s Visual.... ENJOY!!
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