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Prezibase Designs

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Carla

Beyond Automation:
The Industrial Internet of Things

What is IIoT
How is it being used today?
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Giant network of connected things and people
Concept of connecting any device with an On-Off switch and from there to the internet
A way of stitching together many different types of technologies in a specific way to do something new
1Jacob Morgan for Forbes May 2014
2 Deloitte University Press
Remote payment
Smart cities – power metering, smart parking, waste management
Wearables – smart watches, activity trackers
Smart homes – thermostats, lights, door locks, fridge
How is it being used today?
Structural Health – conditions of bridges and buildings
Air Quality – monitor toxic gas, oxygen levels, ozone levels, CO2 levels
M2M – machine auto diagnosis and asset control
Health Care
Supply chain – automatic restocking
What is the future of IIoT
Why embark on IIoT?
Better management and control of:
What does this
There have been companies that have installed IoT sensors along with predictive data analytical models and reduced their downtime by 80%
Company that has installed real time interface with distribution and supplier systems has improved labor and equipment efficiency by XX% by assigning product manufacturing time according to real customer needs.
Where are most of us today?
Maybe some capability to collect real time data
Reports created on a monthly, weekly or daily basis
Data acquired for some equipment and some processes
We have disparate and random collection of data
What am I missing?
A clear definition of the Critical Data needed to:
Keep my process under control
Optimize my process
Reduce downtime and major repairs
Automation of all the equipment/processes in order to collect real time data
Software to integrate data collection, analysis with the management system
What are the Challenges?
Security – Cyber threats
Storage of Data: which data, where, how much and for how long
Establishing the correct data to track and analyze
Retooling of the operations
Looking to the Future
On Time Supply
Operation understanding and control
Cost Efficient
Every Day
Improved Cost Efficiency
Decisions based on Real Time Data
Product/Process Flow
Pura Rosa
Senior Project Engineer
Plastics Technical Solutions Corp.
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