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Dance Moms

abigail childress

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of DANCE MOMS

DANCE MOMS! This is Chloe. Last year on the show
she won nationals in a solo dance.
She has also won Nationals
in the group dance. Her favorite Type of
dance is Musical Theater. And her
favorite color is pink. Chloe is 12
years old and has a baby
sister. Her mom is
Christie and her sister is Clara. This is kendall. She
is 10 years old. She has two
sisters . She use to dance for the
Candy Apples(the enemy
of Abby lees dance company.) Her
favorite type of dance is contemporary.
She has also won nationals in
the group dance. Her mom is named
Jill. Abby Lees Dance Company This is Paige. She is 12 years old.
She has a sister who also dances
with her at Abby Lees Dance
Company(Brooke.)Along with a brother.
Paige and Chloe are good friends.
She also won nationals for the group
dance last year. On this season
for a little while Paige quit but
soon decided to come back. Her mom is Kelly By: Abigail
Childress 6D This is the company that
the show is all about. Its
Abby Lee's Dance Company.
All the girls that I am going
to tell about dance here. The
person that owns this company
is Abby Lee Miller. This is brooke. Her sister is Paige and
her brother is Josh. She is the oldest out
of the dance team and is 15 years old.
She has been in a lot of solos and group
dances. She also quit for a little while but
then came back. She made a song and the whole dance team got to star in it. The song is called "Summer Love Song". She is in ninth grade. Her mom is also Kelly. The People who Star in It! This is Nia. Her mom
is named Holly. She has
two older brothers and started
dancing for Abby
when she was three. She is
in 5th grade and is 10
years old. She has done
a duet with Paige and done
some solos. Her favorite style of
dance is acro. This is Maddie. Her
mom is named Melissa.
She has a sister that
dances on the show too.
She has divorce parents which
makes it ruff on her. She is
only nine years old.Maddie has
had a lot of solos and I
mean it. Her favorite type of dance is Tap. This is Mackenzie. Her
sister is Maddie and her
mom is Melissa. She is
the youngest on the show,
she is eight and started dance at
two years old. She has had some solos
but not as much as her sister. Her favorite
types of dance is acro and jazz. She also
does voice lessons. This is Abby Lee Miller. The person
who started is all. She owns the
company and this dance team that
I just showed you. She is 46 years old.
Her favorite person is Maddie it used to
be Brooke but she grew up and Abby likes
small kids. Abby can be really mean and strict
because she takes dance to serious.
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