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10 things I learned in Division 1

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Reyna Alejo

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of 10 things I learned in Division 1

By:Reyna Alejo 10 Things I learned in Division 1 Advisory History - Period 1 Ms.Merino has taught us a lot about The United
States. Early this month we learned about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. English- Period 2 In English, I learned how to express your feelings trough writing. When we have to write an essay or when we started writing the poem so we can express our feelings through writing and put emotions on your piece of paper. I have learned a lot about feelings because in every sentence we put our feelings in. Science- Ms.Esparza and Mr.Lee In science I learned about Density and about Solids, Liquids, and Gases. A chemical reaction is the process by which a chemical change occurs. In this past few weeks we have learned about galaxy and that our galaxy is the Milky way Galaxy and the way they are named, they names the galaxy depending on their color size and the arms. Math With Mr.Feng During this time we learned a lot about math and I really
appreciate that Mr.Feng sometimes talked about life and that was the most interesting part of the day and sometimes we ended up late because we talked a lot and it was interesting. One time we talked about Money and how much money we spend on things and things we don't need. I really thank Mr.Feng for everything he has for us and the time and effort he put into us for getting us the best education. ART- Ms.Maddox Teachers: For me all of the teachers taught me everything I need to know so I could be successful in 9th grade and make my teachers Mr.Feng, Ms.Miller, Ms.Merino, Mr.Abellanosa, Ms.Esparza, and Ms.Maddox know that I actually learn something in their class, and was not spacing out. I tried my best on paying attention in class. These past few weeks have been an okay week because I will miss all of my friends! :c Thank you!!! In Ms.Miller's Advisory I learned that you could have fun listening to each other by checking in and listening to each other say good and bad things. I listen very careful so the people can feel safe while they where talking. Until now I feel safe sharing my emotions in Advisory because Ms.Miller makes us feel comfortable. In History Ms.Merino
taught us about immigrants and that this place was once separated but now its all back together as a whole family Physical Education With Mr.Abellanosa we learned to never give up if you are tired because you may never know if you will need PE in your life. Physical Education taught me that you will always have to run the mile and never give up! Even though you may not be good in PE just give it your best. My favorite sport is Soccer an I enjoy playing soccer I really don't play soccer with the boys because they kick hard and might hurt me! Seminar- Spanish In spanish class we learned about verbs and proper ways to say spanish words and Mexican Culture. We started watching a TV show name Extr@ . We learned about our cloth and colors. The months and years and days. Thank you to all the teacher for these past 2 years of my life and thank you for listening to all the things I said wrong or I did right. In Art we learned that you can express your feelings trough by doing Art and painting. I also loved the projects that we did and the ones that we where working on like the room project. I enjoy working on the Pen and Ink project, it was one of my favorite projects. Thank you Ms.Madox for all the effort you put into us. At UCLA CS I'm really looking forward to be in 9th grade although I might have to struggle to get better grades. I enjoy every second with the teachers and they where so nice to all of us. I really don't have words to say how much we will miss you Ms.Miller and thank you for being there for everyone and we are here for you!

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