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Struggle for democracy in Hungary - Ljubljana, 2017

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kretakor alapitvany

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Struggle for democracy in Hungary - Ljubljana, 2017

“We, civil society organisations, cherish our diversity but stand united in our goal to make Hungary a better, more liveable place. All organisations affected by the law will keep this in their mind when they make their respective decisions on implementing the law on ‘foreign funded organisations’. We are convinced that the new law is in breach of Hungary’s Basic Law and many other international treaties ratified by Hungary because it unjustifiably restricts the right to freedom of association and freedom of expression. Hence, by using all opportunities afforded by law, we will continue to protest against the ‘foreign funded NGO’ law before all available domestic and international fora. We are here to stay and to continue our common work as we must not abandon Hungarian society and the people who need and count on our support.” Joint statement of Civilisation group

the NGO sector in Hungary
international solidarity
more advocacy...
PM Orbán's
more than
500 signatures
more than a visit
in the Parliament
May 2017
We are, we are!
summary by Dóra Papp
cultural manager, activist
#eeagrants #norwegianfund

Thank you!

Bye! Best wishes and hope you'll
return to reason before
destroying this country. Kisses.
More about Civilizáció:
More about Krétakör:
or Twitter @Kretakor
the map of fear
National consultation? (questionaire in every Hungarian household, 2017)
1. George Soros wants Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants per year onto European Union territory, including Hungary.
2. Together with officials in Brussels, George Soros is planning to dismantle border fences in EU Member States, including Hungary, to open the borders of immigrants.
3. One part of the Soros Plan is to use Brussels to force the EU-wide distribution of immigrants that have accumulated in Western Europe, with special focus on Eastern European countries. Hungary must also take part in this.
4. Based on Soros Plan, Brussels should force all EU Member States, including Hungary, to pay immigrants HUF 9 Million (30,000 eur) in welfare.
(7 questions all together)

We need counter-narratives!
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