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Coca Cola

No description

prezi praesentation

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Coca Cola

World of
Pendergrasts formula
1 ounce caffeine-citrat
1 ounce vanilla-extract
2 1/2 ounce essence
enough caramel
4 ounce coco
3 ounce citric acid
1 quart limesjuice
30 lbs sugar
2 1/2 gallon water
80 tsp. orangeoil
120 tsp. limeoil
40 tsp. nutmegoil
40 tsp. cinnamonoil
20 tsp. corianderoil
40 tsp. nerolioil
1 quart alcohol
Van in 1934
1 lbs = 453,6g
1 ounce=28,35g
1 quart=946,35ml
Truck today
Norman Rockwell
delicious & refreshing
Drink Coca Cola
Thirst knows no season
A Coke at 8 am acts up to 11 am
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