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Negative Effects of Violent Videogames

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Morgan Wilson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Negative Effects of Violent Videogames

Negative Effects of Violent Video games By: Morgan Wilson &
Ashley Espino Parents Health Risks Adult's Lives Real Life Summary The parents think that their children are becoming more violent in solving the conflicts and behavior. But some parents think their children are just playing the games for fun and it won't effect their health and behavior skills or the parents don't care. Brain Damages
Changes in Vision
ADDICTION!!! Has violent technology ever affected children before? Children aren't the only ones affected by violent video games. Many adults play video games for the fun of it , just like children, they are affected too. For an adult that have been playing violent video games ever since he/she was young,their health risks and behavior issues will be more extreme than a child's. Also, adults are usually living independently,so their parents can't limit their playing time. Violent video games have a negative effect on society. As technology, it is giving children and adults a false sense that inappropriate behavior is natural. Children's Lives During the 21st century ,kids are faced with blood and gore,criminal behavior,abuse of drugs,foul language,sexual exploitation , violence toward women,racial, and gender stereotypes. After awhile of seeing the hero of the story show these types of behaviors, they become more comfortable with the behaviors. A teenager living in Ohio played violent video games nonstop. He eventually suffered from severe dehydration and was rushed to the hospital.
Source: FoxNews.com Yes.Violent movies and television shows. Shows like looney tunes weren't always so innocent. Characters like Bugs Bunny used a gun for unneeded purposes. Also, the cartoon, Betty Boop,abused drugs and offended races.This uses of entertainment were canceled and not show to public again;even in modern times, the Rent and Stinpy show was canceled dued to it's violent behavior.Later, the creator tried producing the show again on adult swim. Just like violent video games, they cause behavior and health risks. Work Cited WWW.APA.org
WWW.CNN.com Behavior Risks Social Activity
Mood Swings
More aggressive
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