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the invesagation on how to live a great life

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Laura Flanagan

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of the invesagation on how to live a great life

New York is a great place to live. We were originally a Dutch colony founded by Peter Minuit on May 4, 1626. In 1664, the Dutch surrendered the colony to the English and it was renamed New York, after the Duke of York and Albany (who was the brother of King Charles II of England).
Thanks for Listening, Any Questions?
The New York Colony has a mild climate with cold winters and hot summers. This climate is perfect for farming. The cold winters are also good because they make it more difficult for disease to spread among the settlers.

Our colony's geography includes mountains in the northeast, lowlands from Lake Ontario to our northern border (Canada), and Atlantic coastal plains.
Climate and Geography

Come Live in New York and Have a Great Life
Our Founder
In our colony you can choose any religion. We are one of the five colonies that has religious freedom. You can be a Quaker, Jew, Lutheran, Catholic, or other religion and you are welcome here. We think it is important for everyone to practice what they believe.

Our colony offers many jobs for
men and women. Men serve an important role in New York. They have to make money to support their families. They also have lots of labor tasks like building furniture for their homes. Most men in New York are farmers because New York has rich soil and mild seasons which are good for farming. Men can also be fishermen because New York has lots of lakes and oceans. Women serve an very important role as well. They must take care of all the family needs such as cooking, children's health, and more.
New York is known as the breadbasket colony because its colonists grow lots of crops like wheat. The way New York makes money is that millers ground the wheat into flour in flour mills and ship the flour to England. Having you would help our economy grow.
Come to Colonial New York
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