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Healthier U Ambassador Program

No description

Harshdeep Banwait

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Healthier U Ambassador Program

Stony Brook U

Receive Healthier U T-shirt and goody bag and be recognized for your service as a Healthier U Ambassador
Form relations with people who share your passion and foster a culture of "wellness" on campus
Market and publicize Healthier U activities and programs on campus.
Recruit faculty and staff to participate in Healthier U programs and activities
Direct faculty and staff to Healthier U resources
Participate in Healthier U programs and activities
Fill out an application along with a sign off from your supervisor
Initial training during program kick off
Attend 1 hour orientation/training bi-annually
Serve as a liaison to the Healthier U Advisory Committee and share info about Healthier U programs and resources with your departments
About promoting health and wellness in the workplace
Minimum 1hr/month
Voluntary role with a minimal time commitment
Approval from supervisor and department heads to distribute Healthier U information
Healthier U is Stony Brook University's exciting new wellness initiative for employees. It's a program designed to address your total well being — mind, body and spirit.
Support the promotion of health and wellness among faculty and staff at Stony Brook
For questions, contact
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