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Negotiated Project event - interactive calendar 2013

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Gabriela Tropia

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Negotiated Project event - interactive calendar 2013

Negotiated Project event - Friday 3rd May 3012 This research project endeavours to explore physical, mental and emotional responses in relation to composition. The sound art presented here is a response to scholarly research coupled with influential findings drawn from case studies that were conducted as part of the research process.  9am to 6pm (on loop) - AV room What are some of the aspects of sound that can influence physical, mental and emotional response? Can that influence composition? Sensate Cultural identity is something I began questioning when I noticed that many people I was associated with possess a very strong attachment to where they are from. This includes me; as a white English speaking South African, I am very defensive about my cultural identity. Upon researching, I began discovering that the cultural identity of white English speaking South Africans is one that is unclear .The lack of clarity or ability to define our cultural identity was conflicting to what I believed. I was always under the impression that white South Africans had such a strong sense of where they belong in society. From my exploration, I have discovered many things that I was unaware of and feel that I have opened up an interesting dialogue in light of the fact that South Africa has such a complex political history . 9am to 6pm (on loop) - Edit Suite Investigating the cultural identity of white English speaking South Africans A stop-motion animation film based on Freud's interpretation of dreams and street art. 9am to 6pm (on loop) - Theatre Bar Dark to light 'Escapism' is mental diversion by means of imagination or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of life, or specific traumatic experiences. This project explores the methods that the human body and mind employ in reaction to imprisonment and the biological effects that result from it. It draws from the author's personal experience of imprisonment in the Federative Republic of Brazil. This research and exploration is being presented in the form of a durational installment, lasting from 10am until 6pm with no breaks. 9am to 6pm (installation) - Lecture room Mental Escapism with regards to Imprisonment 9am and 1:15pm (film selection 1) - Studio 2 This research project is based upon the recycling of clothes.  In particular, how and why people recycle in what is now a modern day approach and response to clothes recycling. 9am to 6pm (installation) - stretching zone 2 untitled Micro environment / Macro costume. An exploration into how costume can distort the body's shape and challenge its relationship to the environment in performance art. J6 9am to 6pm (installation) - stretching zone 1 There is a very precious essence in any art work, that transcends its materiality and the physical mode in which it has been created. I believe this artistic essence is a vehicle of contemplation, representing an individual's journey of the self. This is where its power remains. Artistic essence, a way of survival 9:45am to 1pm (installation) - Studio 10 After delving into the work of David Hockney and Grayson Perry I have developed three very different pieces of work.  Including pottery and film, they range from exploring childhood to questioning the boundaries of nudity. A three man show 11:45am to 2pm (installation) - Studio 9 This research project aims to discover the factors that motivate black female dancers in the UK to treat and process their hair in the way that they do. Prompting debate concerning the experience of the black female dance professional in the UK, the practical element highlights the aesthetic demands of the discipline and considers to what extent these might contradict or relate to cultural values in wider contemporary British society. Black Hair vs Dance 3pm to 5:30pm (installation) - Studio 9 A journey through the mind and soul in which original music composition and visual editing are employed to explore a state of liminality. 11:15am to 12:15am (performance) - Studio 1 State Of Mind 4pm to 5pm (performance) - Studio 1 This research project investigates video projection and the context in which it is represented, with particular focus on intermediality. This term refers to the interconnection between projection and live performance which rely upon and feed into each other. The viewer will be guided into the research through an intermedial performance bringing together two performers; prerecorded material and one dancer. The utilisation of video projection in onstage performance 10:30am to 1:45am (performance) - Studio 1 4:15pm to 4:30pm (performance) - Studio 1 3pm to 3:15pm (performance) - Studio 1 ESTHER SIDDIQUIE A charming collaboration of puppetry and dance theatre that follows Ripley and Mo as they meet and explore a new friendship. Making Friends 12:45pm to 1pm (performance) - Studio 1 1:30pm to 1:45pm (performance) - Studio 1 5:30pm to 5:45pm (performance) - Studio 1 The focus of this project is to explore the relevance and importance of a male dancer's journey into dance, specifically looking at 'late starter' dance students aged 18 years and above. 10am to 10:45am (film) - Studio 2 Why men Dance? This Project will explore the value of the arts, particularly dance, for society in the 21st century, meaning by value, the importance ascribed to dance in the cultural, educational, political and social aspects. Investing in the future Joseph Toonga Patricia Zafra 3pm to 3:45pm (film) - Studio 2 10am to 10:45am (film) - Studio 2 3pm to 3:45pm (film) - Studio 2 This study questions notions of self and authenticity through a comparison between existentialism and the practice of authentic movement. The video is the result of a process exploring the self-consciousness which arises from social dynamics where the subject objectifies himself assuming the point of view of the other. Both academic and practical researches share a view of the individual as a being-in-relation and of the self as a social emergent. self-deception Francesco Ferrari 10am to 10:45am (film) - Studio 2 3pm to 3:45pm (film) - Studio 2 This research project explores the subject of mortality in art. Focusing on human's lack of capacity to confront mortality, this study looks into the perception of death in contemporary western society and explores how looking at death through art can assist people in understanding more about their own mortality. Skyer Ann So-Hee Mannik Kristiansen 12:30am to 1:15pm (film) - Studio 2 5pm to 5:45pm (film) - Studio 2 Looking at the landscape of Canary Wharf to capture the aesthetic identity of a Megacity; there is a sense of mass, accumulation, multiplicity and growth both visually and economically. The rigid style of economic thought and architecture gives irony to the instability of the economic system, inescapably subject to capitalist dynamics and global social tensions. With words such as 'greed' and 'freedom' given new meaning by neoclassical economists such as Milton Freidman, this short film hints at the line between utopian and anti-utopian. Future Study Victoria Guy 10am to 10:45am (film) - Studio 2 3pm to 3:45pm (film) - Studio 2 The aim of the project is to explore how sound waves work in different fields. It investigates how sound waves operate underwater and how they are used in the medical field. In particular, the project explores the movement of liquids when sound waves are applied to them, as well as what happens to non-Newtonian fluids when they are disturbed with sound waves. Like a Wave Ivan Oltramari 9am to 9:45am (film) - Studio 2 1:15pm to 2pm (film) - Studio 2 A stop-motion animation film based on Freud's interpretation of dreams and street art. Dark to light Camila Gutierrez 9am to 9:45am (film) - Studio 2 1:15pm to 2pm (film) - Studio 2 A film showing a young couple, Etian and Jess, from different backgrounds, Cuba and London respectively, moving into a new home together. We see in reality the differences and cultural clashes there are as they try to set up ‘home’. A Tale of Two Cities Hannah Anderson-Ricketts 9am to 9:45am (film) - Studio 2 1:15pm to 2pm (film) - Studio 2 Some trees lose their leaves when the unfavorable season arrives.
Many of those trees once they lose their leaves, blossom.
In spring, when the cold is gone, the green comes back to the branches.  Deciduous Marti Güell 9am to 9:45am (film) - Studio 2 1:15pm to 2pm (film) - Studio 2 A research about the notion of loneliness, looking at it from different perspectives. Loneliness... Albert Ciastek A theoretical and practical exploration which queries whether corporeal presence and other qualities that are considered unique to live performance can be successfully translated into film. Exploring A Physical Limit Lady Nina Louise von der Werth 11:45am to 12:30pm (film) - Studio 2 4pm to 4:45pm (film) - Studio 2 An exploration into the relationship between the actor and the dancer in order generate ways of working on cross-disciplinary performance projects. An Investigation Fionn Cox-Davies 11:45am to 12:30pm (film) - Studio 2 4pm to 4:45pm (film) - Studio 2 11:45am to 12:30pm (film) - Studio 2 4pm to 4:45pm (film) - Studio 2 This project embarks on a journey to analyse the fusion of Street dance styles with traditional Contemporary dance, and their increasingly prominent place in the dance landscape. Exploration of Fusion 2pm to 2:45pm (film) - Founders' studio This is an investigation into how painters, drawers and dancers can create a performance based on methods of interaction. The methods aim to develop communication strategies and enable all artists to be integrated within performance in spite of the medium in which they are working. Paintformance 1:45pm to 5:30pm (installation) with 10 minutes performances at 2:15pm and 4pm - Studio 10 Negotiated Project schedule - Friday 3rd May 2013 to navigate this calendar use:
- the arrow keys on your keyboard to pass slides
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