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Enviornmental Changes

everyone can make a differnece when it comes to helping out in the enviornment. Help your family!

samantha halili felse

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Enviornmental Changes

You Can Make a Difference. Changes I can do to help the enviornment...
I can pick up litter and throw it in the trash I can recylcle things that can be used again, like bottles and paper I can reuse things that can be reused again like a water bottle or a plastic bag Changes my FAMILY can do to help out... We can put a jug in the toilet to help from refilling and wasting more water. We can stop a leaky faucet before it leaks too much and
wastes too much water We can pick up litter in places where people have thrown
them carelessly like beaches. Ways my school can help the earth:
We can go on a school field trip to pick
up trash by the school and highway. We can plant trees to help the animals
and plants breathe easier insted of pollution. We can recycle more and more often
reusing things like bottles and cans. MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLD! Help this planet like she has helped us.
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