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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

No description

Samantha Bailey

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Short and Long Hand
The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Deserves to be Revised

Technology: Hindering or Helping?
Technology allows people to communicate around the world, down the street, or in the same home in a matter of seconds. Then someone can reply within the next few seconds.

However, technology has made letter writing scarce because communicating in seconds seems easier than over a few weeks.
The Differences Between Short Hand and Long Hand Communication
Short Hand:
Matter of seconds sends to another person
Does not have to show true emotion or feelings
Possible instant reply
In response to the invite via e-mail
Confusion: E-mail does not always get delivered, noticed, or remembered.

Hesitant: The people you invited are unsure whether or not the invite was out of obligation or mass production.

Uneventful: They have been invited to many parties this year via technology, why would your party be more eventful and exciting.
Letter Writing in the 21st Century
Letter writing is a "much more
meaningful form of communication...
and really does deserve a place in
modern living before it dies out altogether".
Response to the invite via Letter
Comprehension: Receives the information about the party and knows when it will be and where so there is no chance they did not receive the invite.

Appreciation: They know that the invitation was meant for them because you took the time to write it out and mail it to them personally.

Unique: They want to go to your party and expect it to be eventful because the invitation was unlike the other online invites.
Long Hand:
Explain your feelings in length
Personalize the letter to show effort and care
Anticipate a response in a few weeks
Inviting a group of friends to a party via
Inviting a group of friends to a party via written letter
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