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Dante's Inferno

inferno project

montana orr

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno


Cantos 1,3,5,34, About the author
Dante Alighieri Born unknown date probably in 1265
Died September 14, 1321 His Devine Comedy, which includes the Infeno
is often referred to
as the greatest work of
Italian literture and an influential
part of worldwide literature. It was written betweer 1308 and Dante's death in 1321. In Italy, he is known as
The Supreme Poet, or il Poeta Family was said to descend from ancient romans Fought in the battle of Campadillo Canto 1 Dante accidentally wanders off the right path, and goes into dark, forbidding woods. He tries to climb a hill out of the woods, but his path up is blocked by a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf. Later he meets Virgil, the poet. Virgil tells Dante that he will have to choose a different path out. Virgil asks Dante if he wants to go on a tour through hell. Canto 3 Dante and Virgil come to the gate of hell, which is inscribed with the words
"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here". Virgil reassures Dante that the words don't apply to him, because he is not dead. Right inside the gate are the souls of those who chose neither good nor evil. This dark, starless place is know as the vestibule, or fore-hell. Dante is astounded by how many people there are here who wer not truly good, but were to cowardly to choose evil. Next Dante and his guide meet an old man who ferrys people across a terrible river into actual hell. They go into hell another way because they are not dead.
Canto 5 Dante and Virgil come to the second circle of hell, where the demon Minos is. Minos decides the fate of those who enter hell, and which circle of hell they have to go to. Minos tries to warn Dante to trn back, but Virgil will not allow it. They continue int another place where there is no light, and the prisoners are tortured by being thrown and whirreled around in a terrible storm. Souls in this second circle of hell are accused of lust or are "carnal sinners who subordinate reason to desire" Inf. 5.38-9). Dante meet a woman named Francesca who is bound in hell to Paulo. Francesca was married to Paulo's brother but they were both killed by the husband when they were found to be adultering lovers. Canto 34 Canto 34 begins as Dante is making his journey to the center of the ninth circle of hell. As we goes along he notices a huge shape in the distance, hidden by fog. The figure is extremely large, and its arms are bigger than all of the giants in the eighth circle. Under his feet Dante notices contorted sinners competely covered by ice. These are said to be the most evil people, they are traitors of their benefactors. As Dante and Virgil become closer to the figure it begins to take shape, and the sight makes Dante so nervous that he can't tell if he is alive or dead. The figure is satan stanging in the frozen lake, his torso just above the surface. Lucifer has three heads, one looks forward, the other two looking over his shoulders. Each head has a set of wings that propel the freezing winds over the ice. Each mouth holds a sinner, the three worst of them all, all traitors of their benefactor. The front facing one holds Judas, who betrayed christ. The left and right mouths grip Brutus and Cassius, the murderers of Julius Caesar of the Roman Senate.
Brutus and Cassius's heads are sticking out, but Judas is being chewed on head first, only his legs protrude. Lucifer constantly rips apart the three sinners, but they are never allowed to die. Virgil says that they have been through hell in its entirity, and they must quickly leave. Putting Dante on his back, Virgil does something startling. He goes around the beating wings and climbs onto Lucifer’s body, grabbing the Devil’s frozen locks of hair and lowering himself and Dante down. Below the frozed lake , they reach Lucifer’s waist, and here Virgil amazingly turns himself around, climbing back upward. However, Dante notes with astonishment that Lucifer’s legs are now above them, his head below. Virgil tells Dante that they have just went through the center of the Earth: when Lucifer flew down from Heaven, he dove headfirst into the planet; his body stuck here in the center. Virgil tells Dante the impact caused the lands of the Southern Hemisphere to retreat to the North, leaving only the Mountain of Purgatory in the water of the South. Dante and Virgil climb a long path through this hemisphere, until they finally emerge on the opposite end of the Earth from where they began.
Characters: Dante, the book's author, as well as the protagonist and main character
The spirit of Virgil, the poet who leads Dante on his tour of hell
Virgil was condemned to hell because he was born before the time of christ. Charon, tho old man who ferries souls across to hell. Paolo and Francesca, the adultering lovers Lucifer, the ruler of hell Minos, the demon who decides the fate of sinners Summary of the cantos: Setting:
The journey took place on the evening of Good Friday through
Easter sunday morning of 1300. It starts with Dante walking accidentally into a dark forestand meeting Virgil, who takes him on a tour through hell. Most of the story takes place in hell.
The Inferno Dante was a devout christian, and the message he was
trying to say was that the justic of god is perfect, and the p
punishment for the evil is extreme. There is a lesson for
even people who are not christian to learn. If you are
"evil" and spend your time doing bad things to yourself and
others, that karma is going to get back at you in the end
and you will regret it. Theme Circles of hell
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