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The Rainforest Biome

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jackson rother

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Rainforest Biome

The Rainforest Biome
This is a Tropical Rainforest.
This is a Temperate Rainforest.
Rainforest Facts
The Rain forest has over 15 million different types of plant and animal speicies.
There are 4 differnt types of layers in a Rain forest. Emergent, canopy, understory, and floor.
The average temperature durring the three coldest and hottest months only varry by five degress in a Tropical Rainforest.
Rain forest contain the greatest biodiversity of plants and animals.
Rain forests create a dense evergreen girdle over the equator.
93-69 fahrenhiet
20-25 celcius
Because of no seasons the temperature changes between night and day are greater than the changes each day.
Rainfall and Humidity
The rain forest gets about 2,000 mm of rain a year
The forest floor is very moist beacause the thick canopy of leaves keeps the light from drying it out
Nature Facts
Difficult for fungus to grow on the surface but the fungus always seems to find some way to thrive
Difficult for bacteria to grow on the surface
woody vines
drape rain forest trees
extremely common
help animals to climb through the Rain Forest without touching the ground
Drip Tips
makes rainfall easily slip of the tree leaves so moisture does not collect on the trees
the rain forest soil is not very dry
the forest floor can recieve almost no light because a thick layer of leafy greens shields it from the sun
the soil is acidic
nutrient poor
thin layer
air plant
grows on hight branches
Tree Facts
estimated 25-75 meters tall
Dense layers
woody vines (Lianas) draping across them
1 hectare (2 1/2 acres) of a rain forest sustains about 300 different species of tree
these trees produce 40% of the worlds oxygen
70% of rain forest plants are trees
the Temperate Rain forest trees include Coast Redwoods; an endagered species of tree
Human Benefits of the Rain Forest
1/4 of the worlds medication comes from the rain forest
Some vines grow curare; a leaf used as a pain soother
Quinine; treats a diesise called malaria
Temperate and Tropical Rain Forests
Human Life
there may be as many as 200 million people living in Rainforest altogether
most life is on the out skirts of tne rain forest so workers can collect the recorces of the forest
the Huaorani people are some of the only people to inhabit the rain forest
Rarity of Rain forests today
today, less than 6% of rain forests cover the earth
There are constantly projests trying to help save the rain forests
Workers are having to chop down trees to make everyday life objects like, lipsick, bubble gum, and coffie beans

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This is curare
This is quinine
Most rain forests are located near the equater
They need to be in tropical areas with enough rain to plenty the plants and animals
The largest Rainforests are mostly located in South America, Africa, and South East Asia
Temperate rain forests are only located on North America in areas in and around California
Some Tropical rain forests are located on the Indonesion islands and Madagascar
african forest elephant
bengal tiger
dawn bat
golden lion
harpy eagle
jambu fruit dove
king cobera
linn's sloth
proboscis monkey
red-shanked douc langur
silvery gibbon
slender loris
sumotran rhiono
toco toucen
vampire bat
wagler's pit viper
Animals in Tropical and Temperate Rainforest include some of these.
Bengal Tiger
Jambu Fruit Dove
Some spices that humans get from the rain forests include:
Other helpful recorces
Other recorces from the rain forest inclue:
coffie beans
cocao beans
chewing gum
Soil Facts
By Taylor Lunt, Jackson Rother, and Gracie Lane
Help Save the Tropical and Temperate Rain Forests!
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