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Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions

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Truc Trinh

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Air Pollution in Hanoi: Causes, Effects and Solutions
> Background Information
-Air pollution
-Current state of air pollution in Hanoi
> Causes of air pollution in Hanoi
> Effects of air pollution in Hanoi
> Solutions
> Conclusion
Background Information
Solutions for Air Pollution in Hanoi
-New air-monitoring systems in 2020: old system is out of date and needs to be replaced
(Vietnam News 2012)

-Increase vehicles engines quality to reduce emissions
-Public transport are encouraged to use -> decrease private vehicles -> decrease emission
(Vietnam News 2012)
Reference List
Trinh Thanh Thuy Truc-s3324290
03 September 2013
Teacher: Aishania Hopkins

> Air pollution: "Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust or fumes in harmful amounts." -EPA-

> Air pollution in Hanoi:
- facing significant air quality problems (World Bank 2008)
- Hanoi: biggest contributor to air pollution (Vietnam News 2012)
Causes of Air Pollution
> Traffic increasing (12-15%)-4times higher than alarm level set by the WHO
(Moussefir, cited in ThanhNien News 2010)

> Constructions rising in the process of urbanization -> dust increases -> contribute in air pollution
(Vietnam News 2012)
of Air Pollution
in Hanoi
affects human's lungs -> may lead to
pneumonia and asthma
(Vietnam News 2012)
high level of dust on the roads may
lead to serious impacts on eyes and
(Vietnam News 2012)
-EPA n.d, ‘The importance of air’, Australia, viewed 26th August 2013, http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/air/aq4kids/pollution.asp
-Thanhniennews 2012, ‘Hanoi most polluted city in Southeast Asia: expert’, March 22nd 2012, http://www.thanhniennews.com/index/pages/20120322-hanoi-most-polluted-city-in-southeast-asia.aspx
-Vietnamnews 2012, ‘Air pollution threatens national health’, April 9th 2012, viewed 26th August 2013, http://vietnamnews.vn/opinion/in-the-spotlight/223220/air-pollution-threatens-national-health.html
-Vietnamnews 2012, ‘Plan to perfect air-quality monitoring system underway’, January 31st 2012, viewed 26th August 2013, http://vietnamnews.vn/social-issues/220132/plan-to-perfect-air-quality-monitoring-system-underway.html
-World Bank 2008, ‘Attacking air pollution in Hanoi’, The World Bank, May 1st 2008, viewed 26th August 2013, http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/EASTASIAPACIFICEXT/EXTEAPREGTOPTRANSPORT/0,,contentMDK:21685517~menuPK:574072~pagePK:34004173~piPK:34003707~theSitePK:574066,00.html
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