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Intern Report Out

No description

Rebecca Hartley

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Intern Report Out

Project #1
Campus Message

Project #2
Job Description Project
Job Description Template
Determined ideal recruiting activities to do on campuses
Build Relationships on Campus
Through clubs and professors
Speak in classrooms
Speak at club meetings
Interview on campus
Get Animal Health's name out
Who/What is Animal Health International?
Had to determine this in order to communicate it to college students
Animal Health Employees
College Students
On boarding
Sales ride a long
Talk to current employees about their thoughts on the company
Talk to current college students to determine what they want from an employer
Determine the points where they coincide
Where we need to focus our message
What I Learned
All of the functions of HR
More about the Animal Health Business
More about myself
More about how to act in a professional environment
ADP & Iappplicant
Why I want to go into HR
Presentation to give to college students
Prezi and PowerPoint
Activities for College Campuses
Cheat sheet for campuses with contact info of key professors and clubs
College Student Questions:
What attracts you to companies that are you interested in working for?
What is something a company could do to differentiate themselves?
Positive work environment
Open & Strong Communication
Interns are able to work on real projects
Training programs where they have autonomy & guidance
Balance of work/fun and life/work
High energy & stable
Able to sell themselves
Young Culture
Mutually Beneficial Relationship
Fun Atmosphere
Family Feeling
Team Effort
Consolidated ethics section into this phrase in order to make job descriptions more concise
ADA Compliant
Job Descriptions - Conversion
Converted Job Descriptions to new template
Updated language to reflect current operations
Updated language to be ADA compliant
Consolidated Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Converted multiple job descriptions into one
Universal job description template
Updated job descriptions in HR Shared Drive
Converted 170 job descriptions
Archive everything except for updated job descriptions
That way there is no confusion on which job description to use
Update and/or review job descriptions once a year
Especially ones that are used often
Ensure they reflect current operations
Archive ones that are no longer in use
Advice for next Intern
Build more camaraderie between other Interns
Have more of an intern program
Have an established 1:1 time with direct report every two weeks
More structured
Big projects and little projects
Any Questions?
Intern Report-Out
Senior Business Management Student at UNC - Graduating December 2013
From Colorado Springs, CO
President of Delta Sigma Pi
Interned in the HR department
Two big projects and small tasks
Helped with various HR tasks as well
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