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Wellness systems/365

No description

Major Batton

on 16 January 2016

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Transcript of Wellness systems/365


Our Core focus is on

Health-related fitness includes the following components
instituted a ten minute workout before loading and unloading 83% drop in low back injury producing $250 per employee savings in lost time and replacement.
"This is not a biggest loser program"
we guarantee results
Use the Pre participation Screening Questionnaire provided by the American College of Sports Medicine to figure out if you are at high or low risk for cardiovascular events during exercise.
Am I healthy enough for testing?
Call today for a free consult
Creating a Healthy culture that educates motivates and empowers.

1. Registration
2. Complete the
pre participation Screening Questionnaire.
3. Take the fitness assessment

Getting Started
Why take a health fitness assessment?
Health-related fitness is linked to fitness components that may lower risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or low back pain.
Aerobic fitness
Muscular strength and endurance
Body composition
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