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The Cell is like a Marching Band

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Amber McKay

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cell is like a Marching Band

By:Amber McKay The Cell is like a Marching Band Band Teacher Nucleus The nucleus is the control center of the cell. It tell other parts of the cell what needs to be done. Just like a band teacher conducts the band. For example the conductor will tell the members of the band what section needs to be practiced. An when they return it is expected that they know how to play it. Like the nucleus tell the other parts of the cell what need to be done and it is expected that is done to help the cell survive. Cytoplasm Band Room Cytoplasm is the jelly like substance that hold all the parts of the cell together. A band room is like cytoplasm it puts all the equipment together that the band members need into one room. Also without cytoplasm there wouldn't be anything holding all the pieces of the cell together. Without a band room there would not be a place to put the instruments. Endoplasmic Reticulum The ER moves items to different parts of the cell. This helps when things need to be sent to the other side of the cell to be disposed of. Formations A marching bands formations are like ER. The formations allow the band to move to any part of the field. Ribosomes Band Members Ribosomes are organelles that consist of RNA an proteins. They are responsible for assembling the proteins of the cell. As ribosomes are responsible for assembling proteins. A marching band's members are responsible for make the marching band. They assemble the formations and play the music. Vacuoles It is in a small area of the cytoplasm of a cell. Which is containing water, food, and waste. Lysosomes A lysosome breaks down, cleans up, and repairs items in side the cell. Just like a bands equipment manager. This person is in charge of being able to break down, repair instruments when they are in need of a fix. Also when the locker need to be cleaned out so the next person can us it Mitochondria Physical Training Cell Wall Instrument case Keys of Instruments Cell Membrane Golgi Apparatus Music Store Restroom The vacuoles is similar to a restroom. This is because a restroom has the same functions as a vacuoles. It contains water and gets rid of waste. The mitochondria is the power house of the cell. It gives the cell energy. In which it need to do it's job. Without it the cell would not be able to do work. Physical training is important in a marching band. That is what keeps us fit. If we were not in shape we would not be able to march. Many people would have a hard time breathing and being able to keep up. The cell wall protects the inner sanctum of the cell. Without it there would be no layer of protection. The inside of the cell would fall apart. Or have damage caused to it. A instrument case does the same as what the cell wall does to the cell. It protects what is in side of it from being damaged. If there was not a case then the instrument would be damaged of scratched. The cell membrane lets things in and out of the cell. What ever is not need from inside of the cell is removed. Also any thing the cell needs will be let into the cell. The cell membrane does not let anything thing in or out. Like the cell membrane lets things in a out so does the keys on a instrument. When someone plays a trumpet of example to change note they press a valve. Which restricts air and changes the note. Also when you pinch your lips closer together you are holding back some air. It adjust to proteins and fats that are made of ribosomes. Then prepares the proteins and fats for transportation outside of the cell When school buy more instruments for a band, they package it and ship it. Before shipping the music store make sure it is in working order. After making some slight adjustments to it. The ship it from the music store to the schools band room. Cell Marching
Band A cell with many functions like the cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, vacuoles, lysosomes, mitochondria, cytoskeleton, and golgi apparatus. All can be related to a marching band. A cell is like a marching band and a marching band is like a cell. Using things apart of marching band such as a instrument case, keys of a instrument, band teacher,band room, formations, band members, bathroom, equipment manager, physical training, drum major, and a music store. Cytoskeleton Drum Major The job of the cytoskeleton as it implies in the name is to hold the shape of the cell. It is the bones of a cell. Gives the cell its movements. Creates cell division. There is a internal transport inside the cell. The Drum Major is not a drummer and there major is in drumming which most people think. They are the people you find in the front of a band during a parade. Or conducting a when marching on a field. There job is to make sure the tempo and dynamic of the band is what it is supposed to be. I hold the band together. Without the Drum Major most of the time the band would become off beat. Click
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