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No description

Chuck Van Court

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Overview

And how they interact
For the benefit of themselves and each other
Will ultimately determine the health of your business ecosystem
In the global
economy we all face
And your ability to remain competitive
FuzeDigital offers a multi-channel solution that has been engineered to support stakeholders across your entire ecosystem
We can help
And allow you to tap into your stakeholders' individual and collective knowledge
Providing insights only realistically attainable from being in their shoes
That's how we're different
We compete with traditional customer care and help desk solutions, BUT ......
Customer care is just the beginning
The path you choose for the Fuze Suite
can take many different directions

and may include one or more of our many modules
Community Knowledge Base
Case Management
Feedback Management
2-Way Secure Communications
Usage Analytics
Knowledge Packs
Contact Management
Fuze Social
Community Answers
Community Ideas
Community Conversations
Modules you can use and pay for based on your needs
Reduce support costs by helping customers and staff help themselves?
Maybe, increase first call resolution and decrease call handle times by integrating the KB?
How about increasing customer satisfaction by consisently, promptly and accurately answering questions across all channels and by all staff?
Tired of losing customers? Be proactive and capture, disseminate and act on feedback before they leave.
Lots of good knowledge about your operations trapped in your teams' head? Leverage it!
Want to get your staff and partners to better share and evolve ideas? Just do it!
Ready for your next Social step? How about getting other customers involved in sharing ideas?
Want better and more sustainable KB content? Get staff outside your contact center, partners and some customers to help!
And while you're at it, how about letting some of your customers answer other customers' questions?
Not only can it save you big money, but depending on the question, some are best answered by customers.
FuzeDigital gets it, putting you in control to extract the greatest possible value in the path that you deem is critical.
We have helped some of the biggest, internationally recognized brands better support their ecosystems
Get Social
with FuzeDigital

Each of your stakeholders has different needs and expectations
Not only can it save you big money, but depending on the question, some are best answered by customers.
But regardless of size, we treat all our customers with respect and provide them all with the same outstanding service
Getting started is fast and easy using our hosted model
And moving from hosted to your own servers later is a snap
The bottom line is that you know best what's best for your business.
To your staff
With their many different roles and responsibilities
Reduce expensive assisted service channel costs and enable stakeholders to help themselves 7x24.

Improve the quality, consistency and promptness of your assisted support, while actually reducing assisted support costs.

Better support and proactive feedback management leads to happier customers who do more repeat business with you.

Tap into your crowd's wisdom, when and where it makes sense for your business.
We can help you:
From the people who buy your
products and services
To your partners that help you
design, build or sell them
Changing your concurrent user counts monthly so you're
not wasting money on shelfware software not being used
So what business needs
would you tackle first
using the Fuze Suite?
Your business has many different stakeholders.
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