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Welcome to 8L's peer pressure assembly

No description

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to 8L's peer pressure assembly

Peer Pressure by 8L
What peer pressure can do to a person
Video of peer pressure
Here is an example of peer pressure....

Facts on peer pressure
Peer support
To many people's amazement, peer pressure is not all doom and gloom. It can actually be a really positive influence in your life. It can be a way to:
get to know your limits and what you are willing to accept
improve your ability to make your own choices
understand who you are as a unique and special individual - you are like no other!
introduce you to positive things like interests, music, friends…
get you involved with positive people doing something worthwhile, eg. youth group, Green Corps, community helpers, sports team, church, drama or music group.

Welcome to 8L's peer pressure assembly
What is peer pressure?
Your peers are the people similar to you in age and status. Peer pressure's when you do something because they've persuaded you to, or because everyone else is doing it and you're afraid you'll look silly if you don't join in. Often you don't necessarily agree with it.

How to deal with it
There are many ways to deal with peer pressure for example...

Talk to a teacher or talk to a adult you trust
if you think you are in danger of peer pressure don't just leave it because it will not get better
Who can help?
Most importantly you should be true to yourself, make your own choices, get to know who you are and what is good for you and your life. Learning skills like assertiveness can help. This can mean using messages like "I think…", "I feel…", "I will…" or "I want…". If someone is pressuring you to do something you don't want to, talk to someone you know will listen and help you. Keeping it inside and carrying your worries around can make things even harder to deal with.
Pressure to try drugs, alcohol or cigarettes which can lead to an early death
You can end up feeling guilty and disappointed with yourself.
Illegal actions such as speeding or driving unlicensed which will effect your criminal record for life
Cheating on tests, copying assignments or letting others copy your work which is bad
Encouragement to stop smoking
Pressure to stop any illegal activity such as underage drinking or drug taking
Friends supporting you to stop any activity that might be damaging your health or well being such as bad eating habits or unhealthy relationships
Encouraging you to try new things that are of interest to you
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