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Project Lighthouse

Call for board members

Akram Dawood

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Project Lighthouse

This is a cultural project based on a fictional story inspired from real historical events and characters that was produced by Program Arts & Culture which is one of four programs in Step Up Youth Initiative. Project Lighthouse took place for the first time in 2012.
Project Lighthouse
Arts j.d.
Narrators j.d.
• Setting up the history curriculum in coordination with Arts committee.
• Responsible for all the history sessions in the project.
• Responsible for introducing the story in coordination with the Arts committee.
• Creating a database of the historical places in Alexandria.
• Responsible for introducing clues in the Adventure Stage in coordination with Arts committee.

Board members call
Project Lighthouse
Program Arts & Culture is honored to open the call for the board members of Project Lighthouse. Within the next few slides we are introducing the new hierarchy and the job description of each board member.
• Setting up the curriculum in coordination with Narrators committee.
• Responsible for introducing the Arts sessions which correspond to these historical periods in an artistic way.
• Responsible for introducing the story in coordination with the Narrators committee to the participants.
• Responsible for introducing the clues in an artistic way in the Adventure stage in coordination with Narrators committee.

This committee is responsible for introducing the arts that correspond to each historical era the project will cover in an artistic way (sketches, plays, songs, paintings …etc.). The Arts committee will use various artistic talents to introduce them within both the preparatory and adventure stage.
The Narrators committee is responsible for setting up the curriculum revision and development, academic program planning and the academic standards that will be taught to the Participants. It will be responsible for introducing the clues in the adventure stage.
Capacity Building
Capacity Building is how to maximize the performance of existing skills, or how to gain more skills & implement them into an attitude. Responsible for building potentials of participants to respond to the needs of the organization, it refers to assistance that is provided to participants. It is the process of developing a certain skill, ability or knowledge, for general upgrading of performance which organizations need. It is the element that gives flexibility and functionality to the project.
This Committee is the mirror of the project, through publishing our press releases, providing media coverage internally and externally this committee is the eye of the project, through recording what is happening second by second, processing these data & reforming them into unforgettable multimedia structure, carries both the artistic & professional way in performance with photography, graphics & movie making acting as its arms.
It is responsible for the smooth flow of the project, meaning that the OLMs (operation & logistics members) have the job to organize everything other than the content of the sessions and clues. It is the execution, planning, and control part to put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole. It is the practical arrangements that are necessary to make a complicated plan or activity succeed.
No successful organization can stand without this committee. Human Resources, which includes reporting and evaluation for achievements, mistakes in order to give a broader & more detailed view of what is happening, and to avoid mistakes in the future, acts as both the database & HR arms for the Project.
Capacity Building j.d.
• The CB is responsible for the Ice-breaking
between the staff at the (T.O.T), the participants at the sessions and staff and participants.
• The CB has to make outings and gatherings during the project.
• Preparation of workshops plan based on the project’s theme.
• The team should ensure that the main values of the workshop had reached the participants.
• During the adventure stage, they will act as coaches for the participants in coordination with Logistics.

Media j.d.
• Establishing and developing contacts with press and media representatives.
• Documentation through photos, videos and recording important sessions/adventure days.
• Managing communication with the public through social media as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flicker.
• Responsible for the design of profile pictures, posters, flyers, banners and pins.
• Carrying out quality control work on publications and related documents.
• Responsible for making the project's official soundtracks.

Logistics j.d.
• Logistical issues like (Reception, registration, hall preparing, organizing the day, guiding, helping and outdoor tasks).
• Organize and coordinate training sessions and events including confirmation of attendees, booking and coordinating travel, field trips.
• Responsible for the whole phone calls of the participants of the project.
• They may involve in making some clues or simple decorations in coordination with Arts unit.
• During the adventure stage they will act as coaches for the participants in coordination with Capacity Building.

• Coordinate participants’ recruitment and selection process.
• Ensure that accurate job descriptions are in place at the project.
• Ensuring the reporting and compliance of the monitor indicators related to the activities.
• Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.
• Preparation of contact lists and participants’ full database and track record of performance.
• Understand causes for staff & members absences.
• Making and calculating the point system to determine the winner of the competition.

Human Resources j.d.
The members of this committee will be the board members of Project Lighthouse.
The board members will execute their task as Competition Committee members beside their original role as board members in managing the project.
Competition j.d.
• It is the committee responsible of the flow of the adventure days and the scenario.
• Responsible of the flow of the story.
• Responsible for planning for the final scene.

The head of each committee is responsible for providing and executing his/her vision and plan through the different phases of the Project starting from (staff recruitment, T.O.T and preparations, participants' recruitment, Preparatory stage and Adventure stage).
Good Luck
Send the position you are applying for, your initial plan
and C.V. to
deadline 26/6
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