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Liar and Spy Characters

Gotta be awesome

J c

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Liar and Spy Characters

Georges (silent s) the main character in Liar and spy lives with his dad in Brooklyn. He meet a creepy dude named Safer at a spy club. Georges learns that sometimes he needs to find the truth for himself.
A Young boy in 7th grade who hates school. He is bullied by two kids, he joins the spy club and at first he thinks it is not a game but in the end finds friends at school and finds out the truth about Safer and the Spy Club! Dohn Dohn Dohn!
Candy is a scout in the spy club, also Safer's sister. She gets payed $1.00 an hour if she was looking through the lobby cam the entire time.Homeschooled with Safer. In the end she starts to go to school.
Never seen in book. Likes pigeons. Safer used his phone when he was gone. Seen once at dinner
Georges's dad
Georges's dad helps him get through hard stuff. He wrote "What time?" on the poster that said stuff about the Spy club(so bassically signed Georges up for the spy club). He once said, "Always look at the tiny dots of your life,"
Safer started the spay club for fun and acted like it was real. When Georges came, he convinced him it was real. In one chapter when he "breaks" in Mr. X's apartment, he never even left his apartment! He tells Georges in the end why he was named Safer (He yelled "Safer every time his mom left him in bed).
Liar and Spy Characters
Georges's Mom
His mom had to go to the hospital and stayed in it for the entire time. She once said, "Look at the big picture, not the dots of it,"
Carter and the other bully
They are really mean to most kids, and are not very smart. In capture the flag, they couldn't win because they didn't look up.
Bob english who draws
Helped make blu team with Georges. He made up words that sound the same like phish (pronounced fish) and dhodh (pronounced george, or georges)
Mr. X
Safer said that he cut people and put it in his suitcases. He always wears black, but for most of the time he was on a trip. In the end it turned out Safer walked Mr.X's dogs. Georges saw Mr.X in the elevator and he turned out to be nice.
Blu Team
This team was in capture the flag. When they played, Georges chose all the losers first, the other team was all of the "cool" kids, but they couldn't win because the Blu team's flag was in the basketball hoop. Whenever they got out of jail, some guy on Blu team yelled, "Blue team, it's whats for breakfast!"
If you found me you're smart!
You are smart if you found this! Cakeslayer was here.
u smell!
I'm sexy!
I'm awesome!
I murder face!
He creapy!
I murder Face!
I'm awesome!
I smell good!

Hey lady
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