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Factors affecting the use of ICT

No description

helen legomski

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Factors affecting the use of ICT

Factors affecting the use of ICT Social factors -Reduction of manual jobs Change the way the job has been done Widens the gap between the haves and have nots De-skills certain jobs blurs the distinction between home and work Less security at work reduce social interaction at work ICT less personal, emails, instant messages and chat room discussions. Changes in working patterns Cultural factors what is culture? habits
laws formal to informal letter writing to emails
texting than ringing
copyright issues
access information about Arts easily
more relaxed view on pornography
exploring new ideas such as new religions, complementry medicine faith on the web Cds, tracks
compressed file format
Use of Youtube Cultural factors in other countries Digital divide between East and West education and literacy skills poor technology infrastructures lack of money lack of ICT skills lack of fluency in English Distrust of western values Restricted access
to the Internet Legal factors Data Protection Act 1998
Copyright Laws
Other Laws Economic Factors High investment must yield benefits usually by increased profits Labour costs being
cheaper elsewhere Use of ICT to reduce
labour costs Fuel costs High speed Internet Skilled staff Environmental factors Recycling of hardware Print Preview Recycling paper Switch off
computer equipment Work from home Recycling printer cartridges
/ mobile phones Ethical factors Privacy Property Accuracy Accessibility How ICT can improve
the economics of business Financial benefits
Lower wastage
Better use of resources
The need for more information
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