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The Assignment

No description

Georgina Spry

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of The Assignment

Evaluating Specific Learning Difficulties
Assignment Title
A professional portfolio and critical commentary outlining an intervention strategy and outcome(s) for a learner or learners with a Specific Learning Difficulty.
What this will look like
A professional portfolio and critical commentary. 4000 - 5000 words
Element 1 A professional portfolio (Nominal 2000 words)
Element 2 A critical commentary
Learning Outcomes (L.O's)

no two portfolios will look remotely the same, as your response to the question will be an individual one.
So, don't panic when you chat about what you have done, as it will be different!

any worries speak to me..
Well done
seems scary-
in reality it just means to reflect upon in light of your experience and research.

if you have read about a theory, and how it has worked for the researcher in that particular article,
be mindful that this is the results of their research.. not yours.

if it does not apply to what you are doing its fine to state that, if it does in part or completely state that.
It is always best when you have several pieces of research to reference.
e.g. Smith (2014), Jones (2012) and Blunt (2010), (note the date order!) all generally agree that working with children in a multi-sensory way does support the learning of ...Clough (2013) takes these beliefs one stage further when he states that ....
Your portfolio and commentary will run concurrently.

Your portfolio will consist of an observation or implementation of an intervention/ teaching strategy that has been adopted for a learner or group of learners who have as part of their diagnosis a SpLD.

This could include – but is not limited to:
Multi-disciplinary team meetings minutes or reports
Accounts of formal / Informal discussions with teaching staff
Medium term / Lesson plans
Evaluations of strategies adopted
Samples of learner’s work

Module Learning Outcomes to be assessed: 1- 4.
100% of the marks will be awarded for the portfolio and critical commentary combined

In effect, a portfolio (digital file of evidence)
with an analysis of the intervention throughout.
It must however meet these L.O's

1. Analyse in depth the extent of the effectiveness of strategies for improving outcomes for learners with SpLD.
2. Critically reflect on and contextualise potential applications of theory to educational practice.
3. Analyse and evaluate the impact of legislation, statutory guidance and policy.
4. Critically evaluate existing systems within the setting and the implications for practice

You should read widely before beginning writing. You must make reference to your reading in the assignment.
The sources you choose to refer to or cite should be capable of withstanding academic scrutiny (so do not use Wikipedia!).
Recent (published within the last five years) books and journal articles are preferred.
The use of e-journals / e-books is also strongly recommended.
Critical commentary

The critical commentary will consist of an evaluation of the items discussed in your portfolio and show how the application of your own research has influenced your conclusions. In this way the writing will critically reflect on and contextualise the potential applications of theory to your own or others educational practice.

You will need to analyse and evaluate the impact of existing systems such as; legislation, statutory guidance and policy in terms of your setting and also in the wider context of national agendas such as the Code of Practice.
Finally critically evaluate existing systems within your setting and appraise the implications for your own and others practice.

Review and Revise

Make sure it follows a logical progression to a pair of new eyes and includes enough detail for it to make sense

Draw some conclusions based on reading and research,

Review and revise

Add some more research if necessary

If your conclusions can be resnded to with ; so what?, and, but or why. Then you have not analysed enough...

Review and revise.....
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