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Ringelmann Effect / Social Loafing

No description

Kirsty Seymour

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Ringelmann Effect / Social Loafing

Ringelmann Effect / Social Loafing
Psychological Factors
Session Outcomes
- Describe Social Loafing and the Ringelmann Effect

- Explain their importance in sports leadership

- Explain the effect of group size on individual and group performance
Practical Session:
- Basketball Skills / Football Skills / Quick Cricket
Thinking back...
"As group size increases, the individual contribution decreases"
Ringelmann Effect
Ringelmann observed the efforts of groups of men pulling on a rope (Tug of War)
Ringelmann Effect
Complete the Word Search to find the relevant key words from the lesson
Session Objectives
at least one way that sports leaders can apply knowledge of social loafing

how group size can affect performance/learning

Be able to
select suitable group sizes for specific situations
Looking at the evaluation sheets:

- Evaluate your own performance in the lesson
- State reasons why you think you have been given the stated % input
Ringelmann effects is caused by motivational losses
- Occurs when individuals are not accountable for their own performance

Larger groups - individuals pulled less hard
than when in smaller groups

Comes as an effect of motivational losses

Social Loafing
Individuals who display social loafing often lack confidence, are afraid of failure and tend to be highly anxious
Players who display social loafing do not feel they can
make a useful contribution to overall
team performance, which can be why
they don't want to participate
Group Task
Work through the worksheet with a partner
Relate Ringelmann's work to your own leading:

- How will this impact on the way you plan your sessions?
- Read the 3 situations and make notes on how you would get 100% effort from your group
Social Loafing
"Loss of individual effort in a group due to a reduction in motivation"
Performance drop due to motivational losses

Individuals feel personal contributions have little effect, so they don't try as hard

Others perceive others are not trying as hard - justifies themselves in working less hard

as the group gets larger, athletes 'hide' behind others and are not noticed

- Motivational losses occur as group size increases
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