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THEO 303 (Su '15) T17 - Sexual Ethics (Part 1)

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Hartmut Scherer

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of THEO 303 (Su '15) T17 - Sexual Ethics (Part 1)

Sources and Image Credit
Adopted key thoughts from Dennis P. Hollinger,
The Meaning of Sex
(Baker, 2009).
Sexual Ethics (Part 1)
The Christian Worldview and Sex
- C. S. Lewis once observed, “I believe in Christianity
as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because
I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
Distortions in Nature
- fallenness of nature; distortions in the world
Rediscovering the Meaning of Sex
- we make sense of the meaning of sex when we set
it in the context of the biblical narrative of creation,
fall, redemption, and consummation
- in creation that we begin to understand what God
was up to in making us sexual beings
A Good Gift of God
- the goodness of the physical realm
Imago Dei
- humanity is set apart from the rest of the created
Embodied Souls (or Ensouled Bodies)
- Adam, a finite creature
- we see God’s original intentions
- the goodness of the human body, human
sexuality, and the gift of sex
- biblical commands protect the beauty and meaning
of God’s good gift
- Gen 1:26-27, the crowning point of God's creation
- part of the meaning is the relational capacity
- Christ, the perfect image
- Gen 2:18 -> created to be in relationship
- humans are sexual beings
- “helper” -> a sign of mutuality for carrying out
God’s stewardship designs within creation
- we always exist and relate to others as both
human and male or female
- in marriage sexual intimacy expresses the depth,
uniqueness, and fruitfulness that reflect
relationship in the Triune God
Givens in Creation with Regard to Sex
- God ordains sexuality, sexual intercourse,
procreation, and marriage (Gen. 1-2)
- understand the realities of sexual impulses and
temptations within the Christian narrative
Distortions with God
- Gen. 3:5-6
Distortions Within
- disproportionate longing for pleasure
- we are ensouled bodies or embodied souls (Gen 2:7)
- to give ourselves physically while holding back our
total selves in the sexual act is to miss the full
meaning, power, and beauty of God’s good gift
- sexual act is a giving of our total self to the other
- marriage, the context for both (Gen. 2:18, 21–22,
24–25; Matt. 19:4-6)
- the potential of procreation (Gen. 1:28)
- the significance of sexual intercourse (Gen. 2:24)
- sex is still God's good gift to humanity
- sexual sin is first and foremost against God
- rejecting God’s design for sex
- sinful lust is impulsive and unrestrained desire
Distortions in Relationships
- Human relationships are now broken
- sex can be a tool to manipulate, control, and harm
the other
- 2 Samuel 13
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