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Why do some animals live alone while others live together?

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Prachi Malkoti

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Why do some animals live alone while others live together?

Living together in a group is less work than living alone
-Hunting together is faster & easy

-More protections when in numbers

-Mating is easier

-Raising their young together

-Animals divide and conquer

Animals live better when in a group

-Animals living alone may get sick & more diseases

-Animals that recognize their own know which group to go to.

-Grouped animals have communication bonds

-animal groups have more chance of survival

Grouped Animals

- Different types of groups that each animals group is

-Equal status: worker ants all do the same thing

-Hierarchy: wolves, there is a pack leader

-Stable: chimpanzees they are all equal and do the same thing for the group

-Fluid: dolphins they just go with the flow

Wolves (lives together) can live from tundras to deserts
-Prefer areas with lots of cover like bushes,shrubs, or trees

-Wolves live in group of 2 to 20

- Alpha male or alpha female leads the pack

- Beta male and female are after the alphas

-If the alpha male or female dies then the beta male or female will take over.

Jaguars( live alone)
-Jaguars have soft ground for their home
Living alone vs. a group depends on environment and animal species
- Living alone finds food & shelter in tough climates easily.

-Animals may live alone for more resources

-If they don’t get along they are forced to leave the group.

- Environments include deserts like Savannah & tundras.

-Cheetahs & Leopards may live alone due to harsh environment.

Why do some animals live alone while others live together?
by Prachi Malkoti

-Jaguars hate it when animals come near den

-Really good hunter and runner

-Fiercest out of the cat family

-Climbes trees, so can escape quickly
But why?
It mainly has to do with what environment animals live in and the type of animal.
I find it easier to live in a group you have more protection and the jobs are split up so the work is easier
lions live together
leopards live alone
pandas live alone
beavers live together
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