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Faiza's smart home prezi

No description

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Faiza's smart home prezi

Smart Home Kitchens.
This is how smart home kitchens are to look like in the future. everything is to do with electronics ans it is very modern. Imagine having a fridge that can tell you its sell by date and what food is inside!
This is how smart home bathrooms would look like. Even now, some are very similar to this. Even the toilets are electronic.
Smart homes are all to do with electricity. Sometimes this is a bad thing as you will always be getting tons and tons of electricity bills. Smart homes can sometimes make you lazy and fat as they do everything for you. Because there is so much technology it may malfunction and you will be trapped in you own home.
Smart home security is AMAZING! There is a hand scanner where it scans your hand prints and lets you inside. If you are a burglar it is impossible to get in!
This is how smart home
gardens would look like. They
are very modern.
Smart Home Bathrooms.
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