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Year 3 Parent Workshop

No description

Anna Winnard

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Year 3 Parent Workshop

10% Decoding
Word reading

90% Comprehension
How important are comprehension skills?
What we do in school...
Whole class shared reading (Novels,
poems, play, non-fiction books)

Guided Reading groups

Cracking Comprehension
Cracking Comprehension
Key Skills...
Listen to and participate in discussion
about a wide range of texts, including, fictions, non-fiction, poetry and reference books.

Identify themes and conventions
across a range of age related texts, e.g. story morals, triumph of good over evil.

Draw inferences
from their independent reading, e.g. explaining what a character is thinking based on their actions.

Retrieve and record information
from non-fiction texts.

Make predictions
based on what they have read, usually clues given by the author.
Year 3 Parent Workshop
What can you do at home?
Comprehension homework each week.

Home reading- Book talk.
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