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No description

Laura Vantin

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Runglish

Outer Circle
Inner Circle
Expanding Circle
2 - The transformation of every day Russian language due to the influence of English language.
What is Runglish?
1- The variety of English spoken by people whose mother tongue is Russian.
Source: runglish1.narod.ru
Source: Naidenova N., Runglish, St Petersburg: СПБКО, 2010
No difference between open-closed and long-short vowels.
Final consonants always voiceless.
Lack of /ð/ and /θ/ sounds.
/w/ pronounced as /v/.
/r/ strongly pronounced.
English "underground" = Russian "метро": Runglish = "Metro".
En. "Year in university" = Russian "курс в университете": Runglish = "Course".
Lack of articles (a, an, the).
Verb "to be" not always used when needed.
Collective terms followed by verbs only in singular form.
Simplification of tenses.
The official language of Nasa's Expedition One
2000 - Sergej Krikalev:
"We say jokingly that we communicate in Runglish, a mixture of Russian and English languages, so that when we are short of words in one language we can use the other..."
Runglish in Brighton Beach
by Edenpictures
by japp1967
by Adam Jones, Photo Global Archive
Russian Dolls TV Series - some examples
Episode 1: from beginning to 1m10s.
Episode 1: from 10m05s to 11m10s.
Episode 12: from 1m15s to 2m25s.
Runglish in literature: "Nadsat"
Anthony Burgess, A Cloclwork Orange
by jupiterFirelyte
Nadsat = -надцать = -teen.
Nadsat is an English-based language with phonomorphological adaptations from Russian, Some neologisms from English, numerous onomatopeias and terms that suggest images, some archaisms, Americanisms and dialectalism.
They'd just been doing the dirty slovo part of the act before getting down to a malenky bit of ultra-violence.
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