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Singular & Plural Nouns

No description

Kyla Bee

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Singular & Plural Nouns

Singular and Plural Nouns Singular Nouns Plural Nouns Names MORE than one person, place, or thing Names ONE person, place, or thing Just Add S Crocodile Ninja island s s s If preceded by a vowel radio igloo kangaroo s s s Nouns ending in O If preceded by consonant volcano psycho gizmo es es es Nouns ending in f or fe life elf Terminate the f or fe The Outsiders Some nouns are just unique and have a different way to make them plural mouse mice ox oxen goose geese foot feet cactus cacti man men alga algae Adding S to Hyphenated Compound Nouns Compound nouns: nouns that are made with 2 or more words You must always add s to the main noun mother-in-law s mothers-in-law Nouns ending in Y Eliminate that y Add "ies" Preceded by a Consonant Preceded by a Vowel Add s kitty turkey spy bakery chimney Nouns ending in ch, sh, x, s or z beach ax mattress marsh es es es es Add es to the end Some nouns are singular and plural series
kudos Some nouns just stay plural jeans
goods (merchandise)
arms (weapons)
scissors Some nouns have an s in the end that are singular mathematics
rabies buzz es replace with ves Add S if O is preceded by a vowel Add es if o is preceded by a consonant. avocado volcano cockatoo igloo stereo s s s es es es hero Some nouns that end in o that are preceded by a consonant are made plural by s or es. banjo-banjos/es
halo-halos/es ves leaf ves s s ies ies ies person people die dice child children premises
grass ves
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