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Paranormal Witnesses

No description

Rachelle Rozema

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Paranormal Witnesses

*In fact, almost each major religion has a form of mysticism including Christianity, Hindu, etc. Each religion has it's foot in the door of the paranormal as each is non-materialistic and presume life is altered by a force
-->The Holy Ghost, the Gods (cannot be observed, tested or falsified)
Paranormal Witnesses
Do Ghosts Exist?

Paranormal belief has increased drastically over the years through the acceptance of immigration-but why?
-> different cultural belief connections
Why Have We Come?
There are three broad topics that can assist in the persuasion or provide some for of explaination for the paranormal:
1. Religion
2. Experiences
3. Science
Outside 'mainstream' religion norms embrace the paranormal as its own specific set of beliefs
Go On....
Can it truly be conincidence that multiple religions that have never met have the same paranormal aspects?
Good Spirits
Bad Spirits
After-Life Good vs Evil
Similar religious stories
ANYTHING of the destruction
of the PHYSICAL body
Personal encounters of the paranormal range world wide. Some of the places in the world most commonly referred to as haunted are burial grounds, hospitals, prisons and former murder locations.
Ghost experiences are described a number of ways including but not limited to:
EMF detectors monitor levels of energy frequencies people and electronic objects create.
We may not radiate the same amount of energy as a computer, but we still do.
Ghosts, without a barrier like our bodies to interfere with their transmission of these energy frequencies, radiate their energy when they manifest.
Where's Your Proof?
What About Metaphysics?
Campfire Ghost Stories
Do YOU have a story to tell? An Opinion?
Speak UP!
Ghosts Don't Exist...Do They?
Many people find the existence of the paranormal 'pure nonsense, proclaiming there is nothing to explain these phenomenons however...
According to our class poll containing 20 participants it has been shown that:
*50% believe the paranormal may be possible
*15% say the paranormal is real
*30% believe it doesn't exist
and 5% said Steve Jobs...for some reason
Eastern State Penitentiary, PA
All ten of the Times "Most haunted places in the world" 2008 article fit within one of the categories above.
Unexplained cold spots
Footsteps and noises with unknown origins
Moved/moving furniture
Shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, sweating
Increase in nightmares
EMF: Electromagnetic Fields
EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Sounds, most commonly voices or just noises in general that are heard after replaying recordings.
The naked ear cannot pick these up in the moment.
A form of communication for ghosts.
Videos and such recordings can be used to prove the existance of ghosts.
Experiences that we each have that are subjective, unique to each individual.
Philosopher Thomas Nagel describes as...
Things that can only be experienced by the viewer and those that can be perceived by all, respectively.
Presented the example of a human and a bat.
Subjective Facts and Objective Facts
Different visions of reality, like a person's perception of colours
So is supernatural really supernatural, or is it simply a reality that does not match up with yours?
K2 Meter
Zoom H2 Recorder
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