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Romeo's Last Words, By Alec Goetz

No description

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Romeo's Last Words, By Alec Goetz

Even after death love is eternal. Romeo is willing to die for his love.
Plot Summary
This takes place right after Romeo finds Juliet dead He's taken over by immense sorrow due to her death.
First Literary Term
Second Literary Term
This would be personification. It's found on line 101 in act five scene three.
The quote would be: "Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath".

There is another term found which is an alliteration in line 125 in act 5 scene three. It is Come, Conduct, Come and is involved in a metaphor that describes death as a guide leading him closer to his love.
Even that adds up to their love is everlasting.
Literary Term Three
The third literary term would be a metaphor found on line 123 in act five scene three. Romeo says: "The doors of breath seal with a righteous kiss". Meaning Romeo's love are the doors and they will e forever sealed with one last kiss. Relating to the topic, it goes into that even while they're dead their love is eternal and will never fade.
Romeo's Last Words, By Alec Goetz
The first literary term that comes in the soliloquy is Irony. It comes in Act 5, Scene 3, Line 97-98. And it states "How oft when men are at the paint of death have they been merry"
Meaning that at the face of death many men have been happy. Death normally isn't associated with happiness, especially with your significant other. This relates to the theme because Romeo is refusing to let death kill his happiness, since he will be with his love again.
Impact on the Plot
The readers know that Romeo has poison and the fear that he could attempt to kill himself.
This is because death can't literally drain the beauty from her and it relates to the theme by saying even in death she's beautiful.
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