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Life on the Homefront

No description

Audrey E

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Life on the Homefront

Girl Scouts
Involved in some loan drives, "Wake Up America" rally
Earned badges for 10 or more sales
Collected peach pits for use in gas masks
Also called Lever Act, Lever Food Act
Created United States Food Administration and Federal Fuel Administration
Life on the
American Strategies
at Home
Production and conservation
Role of women
Government hiring
Agencies and organizations
Food and Fuel Control Act (1917)
Helping the war effort
Symbol of patriotism
Introduced concept of financial securities
5,000 new agencies
Called the "Creel Committee"
Distributed anti-German propaganda
Agencies and Organizations
The American Red Cross
US Food & Fuel Administrations
Administered food distribution between Allies
Stabilized price of wheat
Suggested nutritious meal ideas
Promoted voluntary food conservation, “Hooverizing” campaigns
War Industries Board
Vegetable, fruit or herb
Organizations cooperated to provide land, instruction, and materials
Backyards, vacant lots, parks, baseball fields and schoolyards
Children and adults alike
liberty bonds & stamps
Oct 1, 1917
Apr 5, 1918
Apr 21, 1919
Sep 28, 2918
Apr 24, 1917
Loan Act
Liberty Loan
Liberty Loan
Liberty LOan
Liberty Loan
Celebrity testimonials
Aerial shows
Scout sales
Total $17 billion raised
Ad campaign
Committee on Public Information
“Four-Minute Men”
Espionage Act (1917)
Trading with the Enemy Act (1917)
Gave power to punish opinions considered "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive"
Supporting the economy
Millions joined Red Cross
Tens of thousands served in France
Women’s Bureau of Dept. of Labor & Women’s Trade Union League helped women find jobs as
Department of Labor
Congress-sanctioned increase in government agencies to generate up to 1 million new jobs
Employment Service attracted Southern/Midwestern workers to Eastern war industry
heavy machine operators
assembly line workers
railroad workers
white collar workers
Ambulance drivers
Canteen staff
Telephone operators
War correspondents
Role of
Production &
Began as small, strictly neutral organization
Heavily supported after US joined WWI
Shipped supplies, provided ambulances
Nationwide sock knitting campaign
BOy Scouts
Youth organizations
involved in the war effort
Distributed war pamphlets
Sold war bonds and stamps
Involved in 5 Liberty Bond drives, “Wake Up, America” rally
Earned badges for 25 sales, raising $250 in bonds
Federal government took active role in enlistment for first time

US Coast Guard formed, given increased responsibility
Patriotism - 42%
Social status
Miscellaneous reasons
Feeding the Community
100% American Campaign
Helped can and jar foods
Evanston's Woman's Club created community kitchen
Raised money for emergencies
Enlisted ordinary citizens to look out for disloyalty
Punishment of German Americans
Positive mention of Germany erased
Rebranding of food and nouns
Encouraged schools to drop German language classes
Banned German books and music
Guess the Original Names
French Toast
Liberty Cabbage
Liberty Measles
Headed by Bernard Baruch
Coordinated purchase of war supplies
Urged mass production, standardization
Regulated prices, worker strikes
Increased production by 20%
Addressed fuel shortage concerns
Managed production, pricing, sales of coal, oil, nat. gas
Promoted voluntary fuel conservation
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