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Muhammad Talha

on 1 October 2012

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photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr OUR PICK: "SUNSILK SHAMPOO" Principles of Marketing - Group Assignment Group Members:

M.TALHA (04687)
Ali Abbas Naqvi (04682) Group Members SANIYA ZAHID 04681


M.TALHA 04687

Ali Abbas Naqvi 04682 Objectives Select a Pakistani branded product
Identify the company that produces it
Describe the company and marketing strategy for the brand
Describe the marketing mix of the brand
Describe the marketing environment within which the offering competes
List the major competetors of the product and analyze their offerings
Describe the characteristics affecting consumer behaviour towards the brand
Define the type of buying decision behaviour
Describe the buyer decision process with respect to your brand Select a Pakistani branded product Company that produces it GROUP Describe the company and market strategy SUNSILK is a hair care brand, produced by the Unilever group. It is one of the leading brands of Unilever. UNILEVER is a multi-national corporation, formed of Anglo-Dutch parentage that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever implemented a strategy known as ‘Path to Growth’ to transform business and to launch their Vitality mission. Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix of the Brand Product Sunsilk is one of the star products of Unilever and comes under the category of personal care products. Sunsilk is a twenty-plus urbanite girl, who doesn’t wait for things to happen. She is charismatic, confident, approachable and a go getter. She portrays a perfect 21st century woman who makes her dreams come true by sheer hard work. Although the target audience is purely women in twenties, but Sunsilk has a mass appeal and is used by people of multiple classes. The brand has various types of shampoos. Sunsilk secures its place in the consumer mind by frequent innovations in the product and maintaining its quality. Placement Being a mass product with a market penetration of about 90%, Sunsilk’s aim is to be the supplier of choice for its customers and to ensure that consumers have ready access to its products through different distribution channels. Unilever makes sure that the product reaches every consumer no matter where he is located. Packaging Sunsilk’s approach to responsible packaging seeks to take into account environmental, social and economic considerations. The packing is very eye-appealing as well. The colors also go along with the brand image of Sunsilk which portrays an outgoing personality of a young woman. Price Volume Price Rs. 115 6ml satche Rs. 5 200ml bottle 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Promotion Sunsilk communicates responsibly with its consumers through advertising and marketing.
It is committed to building trust through responsible practices. To promote its brand, Sunsilk distributes flyers and free sachets at the road side and at malls, and door to door campaigning. It sends in its hair experts to schools and organizations to check the hair type of the people of the region to come up with better versions of their shampoos and recommend a suitable type of shampoo to such consumers. Free washes and gift hampers are also distributed to consumers to maintain goodwill and brand loyalty. Sunsilk has its website (www.unileverpakistan.com.pk/ourbrands/personalcare/sunsilk .asp) and its µGang of Girls website specifically targets teenage girls. Television advertising is the major mode of communicating with the consumers to keep the brand fresh in the minds of its customers; therefore Sunsilk brings about innovations in its advertising campaign frequently, launches new advertisements and welcomes change for the good. Competetors Sunsilk exist in its pure competition. In urban areas, Sunsilk is acting as a market challenger against Head & Shoulder. Sunsilk has got the advantage of keeping their prices lower than Head & Shoulder shampoos. The major competitor of Sunsilk in rural areas is BIO AMLA and in urban areas Sunsilk mainly cutthroat of Head & Shoulder. The main competitors in urban area come from P&G shampoo products, such as Pantene. Indirect competitors are clear and rejoice. Factors affecting consumer behavior towards brand There are many factors affecting consumer behavior towards brand.
* By conducting a research the marketer discovers that there are a potential number of women who want a shampoo which would be effective against dandruff. Hence, a need has been noted and now the marketer has to devise a method to lead the consumer to this particular product.
* One of the major factors is price, if the price of the competitor’s brand has gone down so it is likely that the consumer would choose that shampoo or, if a friend expresses his dislike over the use of Sunsilk then the consumer may change his choice.
* Promotional activities also have a huge impact on consumer behavior towards Sunsilk. It faces intense competition from P&G Pantene, due to their promotional strategies. However, Sunsilk has also introduced influencing marketing campaigns such as CO-CREATIONS and shampoo for covered hair. Type of buying decision behavior Buying decision depends upon the product you consume. Sunsilk shampoo comes under the variety-seeking buying behavior. Consumer try to avail variety among the same brand as well as among other brands, that is the reason why different brands give discounts and launch new stuff and similarly Sunsilk gives free samples, hair styling and hair consultants. Buyers decision process with respect to your brand Decision process with respect to brand depends on economic view such that if a buyer knew about a Shampoo in less price and more benefits then definitely he will consume it, therefore Sunsilk offer more benefits in reasonable price for consumer to make a favorable decision. Next step is cognitive view. Consumers search for goods that fulfill their needs and enrich their lives. Sunsilk go beyond delivery of a commodity or service; they pursue the development of a long term profitable relationship with their customers.
Customers buy Sunsilk mainly because of three factors fragrance, package and ingredients. That's all. Thank you! Company Analysis [SWOT ANALYSIS] Strengths International Company
Asset leverage
Market growth
Loyal customers
Strong management team
Supply chain
Unique products
Variety Weaknesses Imported brands also available in the market. Opportunities Acquisitions
Emerging markets and expansion abroad
Online Threats Cheaper technology
External changes(Government, Politics, Texes, etc
Lower cost competitors or import Mission Statement The theme of the product is to be anchored around the motto “Softness, shine and manageability of Hair” Objectives * Sunsilk shampoo truly understands hair
* Price is affordable
* Distribution is nationwide
* Uses niche approach to win Vision on becoming the market leader and can be achieved
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