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What is NATO

First session ! :D

Nabila Elassar

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of What is NATO

The Devoted Members The Need For an Alliance
"Washington Treaty" NATO... Peace & security for Members and Beyond... Political & Military Alliance Common Threat +Mutual Interests Power Through Unity.. Collective Defense Article 5
Collective Defense "The Parties Agree that an attack on Europe or North America is an Attack Against All" 28 and Counting... The 12 Founders
4-April 1949 (North America)
US - Canada Sharing Military capacity & Resources 2004 Romania Bulgaria- Baltic States & more... Members Devote Resources & Add to Military Capacity Improved "Means To respond To Threats" Structure N. A. C. Military Structure OPERATIONS Military Non-Military El TOFA7A... Disaster Relief

Food Aid

Foreign Intervention

Article 5 1955 Germany - former adversary The Story... = 1949... (EUROPE)
UK France Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Norway Iceland Portugal Italy Denmark 1952 Turkey & Greece 1999 Poland Hungary Czech Republic Founding Treaty Of NATO 1949 by the 12 Original members Military Group NPG Civilian Structure The End :)
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