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Challenge the Process

No description

James Eveland

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Challenge the Process

Seize the Initiative
Generate Small Wins
Build Psychological Hardiness
"Psychological Hardiness"-
being able to deal with stress

Learn from Experience

Exercise Outsight
Troy Bolton
Be an Active Learner
When you believe that you can continuously learn, you will.
Learning from past mistakes and successes can help you with whatever is to come at you in the future
Strengthen Resilience
Don't give up when it gets hard; pick yourself up and try again
Ability to recover quickly from setbacks and continue to pursue a vision of the future---is often referred to as resilience.

Remember that you are a leader and not a boss.Good leaders are personable and approachable. Remember to
Model the Way
and be close enough to your followers to
Share A Vision.
by constantly generating small wins and learning from mistakes
Generate small wins
Learn from experience
Make Something Happen
1. Proactive better than reactive and inactive. Get a Head Start.
2. If you seize the initative, you will have followers
Encourage Initiative in Others
1. Leaders seize the Initiative themselves and encourage initiative in others.
Challenge With Purpose
1. Make sure you have a goal in mind when you challenge something.
Activity Time!
"Change is Necessary"
The 4 points of
Challenging the Process

Seize the Initiative
Exercise Outsight
Generate Small Wins
Learn from Experience

- The Ways to Be Creative
1.Do not fall into routines
2. Bounce Ideas off other people

-You can never have too many ideas.
Break It Down
If you have a big project, break it up into smaller tasks

-Think Outside the Box
Profit from Small Wins
Attracts followers
Makes people feel like winners

Reflect on a time when you have challenged the process. What did you do and why did you do it? If you have never challenged the process, think of a time you may have wanted to but didn't.
Paper Airplane Activity
Pick a Partner.
I am giving you 5-7 minutes to design the best paper airplane you can. You may use as many pieces of paper as you would like.

Why did I choose this activity?

1. What was the first course of action when you were given your paper?(Did you discuss flying strategies? Did you spend time discussing how each of you were going to design the paper airplane?)

2. What leadership skills were needed to make this event a success?

3. If your first plan was not successful, what were the first modifications you made to your plan?

1.In conclusion, challenge the process is all about change.
2. Challenge the process is all about creating new ways to grow.
3.You have to have a goal in mind before you challenge the process
4.Never give up on something, just pick yourself up and try it a different way.
5. Experiment and Take Risks; always be willing to try something new

Challenge the Process
Presentation By: James Eveland
Presented By: Jenny Dummerth
Nina Dobrev
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